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[New Plugin] Beautiful & Custom Toggle

I bought the plugin but I need the text option

Hi @bulat – thanks for reaching out!

You’ll have to make sure the group and text are brought to the front (in front of the toggle). Once you do that, you can set up a workflow action to change the toggle’s value when the group or text is clicked. I’m happy to take a look at your editor setup if you’re stuck – feel free to send it over!


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Thanks @alex4! It worked!
Perhaps it’s worth adding this functionality (toggle with texts) into a new update? Because it’s not always convenient to reach this through those actions, considering you also need to make sure the responsiveness is okay.

Update: @alex4, it sometimes (almost 50% of the time) changes the value and then returns it back. Why does it happen?
In my workflow when user clicks on the group, it changes the value of the toggle, then when the toggle’s value is changed it makes changes to a thing - set its value to the toggle’s value.

@bulat great to hear it works!

Hmm… I’m not able to reproduce the value changed – then back issue you’re seeing. Can you share a link to run-mode?

  • Alex

@alex4, unfortunately, I cannot share it with you simply because it won’t work due to privacy settings. And I cannot reproduce the same functionality on other pages, because it does work on simple pages. Sometimes the toggle behaves oddly - it shows a wrong value. I’ve sent you a direct message, could you reply to it?
For now, I had to stop using this pluging because its behaviour is not stable.

@bulat apologies for the issue! Let me take a look at it and see what I can do. Will get back to you today or tomorrow.


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Hi @bulat, hope you’re doing well. I’ve tried setting up the plugin in multiple ways but wasn’t able to reproduce the issue you’re reporting. Would you mind sharing how you have it set up? Screenshot(s) of your editor and/or a video of your run-mode would help if you aren’t able to send me a link to your run-mode page.


Hi @alex4! Here’s a video with me cliking it and it behaving strangely:
Also here’s a screenshot of the workflow activated on click to a group above the toggle:
Here’s how it looks in the editor (I made sure the group is above the toggle by cliking “bring to front” multiple times:

Hi @bulat – thanks for the additional information.

I tried setting a repro of the issue on my own page here and it seems to be working fine.

A couple of follow up questions:

  1. Are you upgraded to the most recent version of the plugin?
  2. What is the initial value of your toggle set to?


  1. Yes, it’s the latest version 1.6.1
  2. The initial value is set to a thing’s boolean field (yes/no), and depending on that field’s value there are also some conditionals set on other objects (like changing a text’s initial value).

Issue report:

when i have a parent thing set and you update this parent thing, the value is updated correctly. But if i change the toggle value and you go back to the first parent thing, it will keep the value of the toggle and not update according to the DB value like it should (so example: Item A is toggler = false, Item B is toggle false. you click on item A, switch to item B, toggle the value to True, go back to A, it will show true again even if the DB say false). Refresh the page, A will show false, switch to B it will show true like it should.

Hi @yorgio1024 – thanks for reaching out!

I’ll take a look at the issue you’ve reported. Could you provide a link to the run-mode and editor mode? Feel free to send it in a DM if that’s helpful.


Great plugin thanks!
Could you please consider the options of adding a event when toggle value changes? and bind on parent’s thing?

I just send by pm

I had the same sort of proble, but it was not solved.

Looking into this. Keep you all posted as I pinpoint the issue.


Hi there @lankri.erez – thanks for reaching out!

There is an existing event that’s fired when the toggle value is changed. You can access it on the workflow tab, event–>Elements submenu here:

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Great plugin with good configuration.
I have an issue with repeating group. When I put a toggle in a RG, the RG is no more displayed !

Any idea ?

Hi – thanks for reaching out! I’m happy to hear you’ve liked the plugin and configuration options.

I tried reproducing the issue you’re reporting but haven’t been able to do so. Could you PM me a link to your Bubble editor so I can take a look?


Hi @alex4 ,

I have a question before buying the plugin.
I would like to know if it’s possible to set the toggle with a database value ?

I have a boolean in my data base, and I would like to set the initial value of the toggle (in a repeating group) according to the value of this boolean, is it possible ?

Thank you,