[NEW PLUGIN] Free Toggle

Hello Guys, Here is my first plugin

Its a toggle alternative to Ionic Toggle. Its 100% free and you can customize the main color


I fixed some bugs. The plugin was not changing the color of all the toggles that were in the same page. And it wasn’t clickable inside repeating groups either.

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Hi @moabe.leite thanks a ton for this plugin! I was wondering how can we set the default state to be checked dynamically

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Thanks for your request. I’m trying to do that. I ask only a little bit of patience, because I’m a beginer dev

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Can this toggle auto-bind a boolean parent data?

At this moment it isn’t possible. I’m sorry

Hello, How are you?

Now you can do autobinding. Update to version 2.0 and you can see in action

Hello Moabe,

This is great! it works well it does modify the field boolean correctly.
The only thing I cant figure out is why the toggle always loads on the page as “no” even if the binding field is “yes”.

Thanks for your feedback. I’m working on that as soon as possible.

Its working

Thank you, it is difficult to know how to use it, but easy when you figure it out. Well it is free so no complain.

Tip: It is best to use it with custom state and autobinding. That works for me

Hi Moabe,

This has been working well, so thank you for putting out the free plugin.
I just wanted to bring to your attention there is a subtle vertical offset. for the toggle to appear to be centered I have to give it a 3px top margin other wise it doesn’t look right.

Please see my image:

The top toggle is not centred so I have to put a 3px top margin on it to have it look like the bottom one.

Also would it be possible to customise the colours both the true and false states?


Free toggle v2 is Live (New element)

Some user requests are working as:

Preset Value (Checked, Unchecked) Obs: autobiding, not works on preset value, because it’s autobinding.

Background color is dynamic

Am I doing something wrong or are there 3 visual values it can have:




Is #1 because it doesn’t have a value defined by default?

The big issue I have is that you set the main color (green) and then no matter if the toggle is checked or not (#2 or #3) green (ie positive color) is visible so users don’t know whether it is checked or not. I tried to set up a conditional but doesnt make a difference: