[New plugin] Customizable Toggle / Switch

Hi everyone!

I just published a plugin that lets you to add a Customizable Toggle / Switch to your application!

:sparkle: Demo page (editor is public): Customizable Toggle / Switch
:arrow_right: Plugin page: Customizable Toggle / Switch Plugin | Bubble

:white_check_mark: Supports autobinding
:white_check_mark: Live preview in the editor
:white_check_mark: 5 different global styles
:white_check_mark: Customize size, colors and animation

:speech_balloon: Questions? You can reply below, send me a PM on the Bubble forum (@thimo) or send me an email (‘contact’ button on my contributor page).


Hi @Thimo
Would it be possible to add a workflow action that causes the value of the toggle to change - e.g., if I wanted to trigger a toggle event in a workflow when a group was clicked? Currently, if I use the existing bubble workflow action ‘Toggle’ on the Toggle/Switch item, it does not work.

Hi @jeffery

There is actually no ‘toggle’ action provided by the plugin, maybe you are confusing the ‘toggle’ workflow action from Bubble to toggle (hide/show) an element?

The toggle plugin actually updates automatically based on the “Checked?” value:

So, you can use for example a custom state or maybe even a data item to provide this value. That way you can change the value of the toggle.

However is this is not an option for you, I did just push an update (1.1.0) that, once you upgrade, adds a workflow action to set the value of the toggle programmatically :slight_smile:

Hopefully this helps!

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@Thimo , Thank you very much - the added workflow action is exactly what I was looking for! Perfect and thanks for such a quick response! Jeff

I have found a bug @Thimo.

Using the toggle in a popup - the toggle is set to display the popup’s thing. Also in the popup I have a repeating group and an “add thing” button to create a new thing for that repeating group, and add it to the popup’s thing.

^ with that setup,
Given I have opened the popup and enabled the toggle (which I plan to save the value of when I click the “save button on the popup”)
When I click the “add thing” button to create a new thing that is created and added to the popup’s thing
Then the toggle value is switched back to off

Hi @gpdmop!

The toggle will always reflect the ‘checked?’ value:

If the toggle defaults to ‘unchecked’, this value is probably set to ‘no’ in your app. Please make sure the value for ‘checked?’ is the value you want it to be.

Hopefully this helps!