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[New plugin] Beautiful Customizable Charts and Graphs (ApexCharts.js)

Yes, this is necessary because with events enables, clicks on the markers will trigger events. For this, a direct intersect with a marker is necessary otherwise the library don’t know what point is being clicked and the plugin can’t update the states for the plugin. That is the reason why there is no option to adjust this for now, but if a feature like this gets added to the library by an update I will definitely add it for you :slight_smile:

This is a very difficult problem to tackle! I actually also run into a similar issue and I eventually choose an aggregation method which (like in you case ‘MAX’) was definitely not optimal. I am not sure if the grouping feature from Bubble allows you to do this, as I also looked into this for quite a while and couldn’t find a proper solution. I do think that this would be a great addition to the Bubble grouping feature. I am sorry that I don’t have a better solution for this right now.

Is it possible in this case to do a small calculation in the value field of the radial chart? For example that you have an option set with the value 100 and you subtract your value (in this case 16) from this value to get the reverse value to show on the chart :slight_smile:

Hi Thimo, I also have the same problem with grouping. Please could you PM me the examples you sent @j111

Hi @Thimo,
I am having trouble defining timestamps as a series category from an API. Basically, I am getting UNIX timestamps from an API (in seconds) defined as a ‘date’ type (also tried as ‘number’ type). However, the series category always shows 1/20/70. Can anyone please help with using UNIX timestamps from an API as a series category? Thanks.

Hi. I hope this issue be fixed soon. Could you let me know when it will finished?

Hi, @Thimo , I just purchase your plugin because of the many positive reviews i saw on this forum. the interphase looks simple but i am having trouble with a bar chart to search a data type, group by gender, and return the number of males and females. Are there vedio tutorials or a pictorial step-by-step process of using the plugin? Kindly hepl me move forward. Thanks in anticipation of your kind response

Hi @Thimo I’m noticing that my charts are sometimes not visible when the group they are in is hidden and they re-shown. Sometimes, they remain invisible and sometimes when i scroll up and down a little, they reappear. Why is this ?

It seems like that your date time stamps get not formatted the right way by your api call. Normally when selecting ‘date (UNIX)’ inside the api call should format your UNIX timestamps correctly. This could caused by your api or maybe a bug in bubble so I do recommend in this case to reach out to Bubble support to see if they notice any unexpected behavior

Yes I am looking into it. As this feature is quite complex, it will take some time to provide a stable fix. Hopefully I can push an update for this issue soon!

Hi @abdullahi.alfa

The demo page shows examples of groupings (like the bar chart for example). The demo below also has an example of a grouping for two charts:

Demo page editor: Chartpreview | Bubble Editor

2nd grouping example: Chartpreview | Bubble Editor

Hopefully this helps!

This is definitely not something that should happen. I am unsure what the cause of this could be as I could not reproduce this issue. Have you tried the workflows action that re-renders the chart after showing the group if you can make them visible that way?

Thanks for the reply. the links you gave were helpful in some way. However, I am still unable to plot the bar chart that will show my data as “Male” and “Female” . I thought I could just use the group by function to count the Gender field of my data. But, nothing I have tried is working. Below is my data

Kindly guide me on how to proceed. I tried to see how you did the Pyramid chart with the age groups and Male and Female gender, but what i saw was that you used some number fields to plot the male and female values. Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

hi @Thimo

For the next update, can you please add a remove dataset to the line / area chart?
right now it’s only hide and show once you append a new set of data.

Would be much easier to work with when there is a change of data to remove it and then append it again with fresh data.


Hey @Thimo, I’m having the same issue with charts not loading when a group is hidden then re-shown. This is mostly noticeable when using a single-page-app layout where groups are shown and hidden based on URL parameters and going back from one page to a previous page that contained a chart.

What do you suggest? Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feature request! I will add it to my backlog and will explore if this is something I can implement it in a future update! :slight_smile:

This is definitely not something that should happen. I will investigate why this is happening and hopefully have a way to reproduce this behavior and find a solution :slight_smile:

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@Thimo Thanks, let me know if they add something to make the points easier to view in this mode.

Thimo, Im trying to show my data in groups. How do i show this with the graphs?
Currently its showing single data points while i need the data points grouped by date ( Day, week, month etc)

signed exhausted funder who would just like to add a graph


The demo page contains multiple grouping examples (like the bar chart). Keep in mind that you should use the same grouping on the x-axis as the y-axis.

Besides the demo page, you can also look here for another example:

Hopefully this helps! :slight_smile:

Yeah i finally figured that part out. I am having another issue with pie and radial charts regarding grouping as well. Im grouping by a label and yet the chart is not displayed.

Please i really need help with this

Many thanks

Thank you for this plugin! Few questions:

  1. Can I add a Y-Axis Vertical Data Name
  2. Can I add a X-Axis Horizontal Data Name?
  3. For the CSV download column name, I’d like to change the name “Category” to “Age”. Is that possible?

Hey @Thimo , me again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m encountering some really weird behaviour with the new “append data set”.

I’ve created two multiline bar charts each appending the same information on load, and then the appended dataset is updated when a button is clicked (which changes the date range).

I’ve created my app as a single page application, using the URL parameters to show/hide groups to indicate pages.


So I created two of the same charts basically to figure out when to append the data set to get the best user experience. Both sort of work, however don’t work at the same time (hence the weirdness)

Chart 1 (top chart): only appends the data set when you come to the page using the navigation after you’ve been to the initial (on load) page. However, doesn’t load when you reload the page when you are on the correct page (eg: the URL parameters that show this page’s group).

Chart 2 (bottom chart): Only appends the data set when you reload the page when you are already on the page, but doesn’t append the data set when the initial page load is anything else (eg: any URL parameters that don’t show this page’s group)

Below are some images to illustrate what I mean. The appended data set is in Pink:

Result when page is navigated to from another page:

Result after page is reloaded when already on this page:

I appreciate this sound super confusing - would love to jump into PM and see if you can figure out what I’m doing wrong here - it’s so weird! :confused:

Hi there again.

How can one setup labels to show date in Weeks?

I am searching for options around the market charts plugins… Can this plugin synchronize different charts when a click action is performed on a chart value point ?


At first glance it is not immediate clear what the cause of this issue is. I will send you a PM so we can take a better look!

You can use the ‘:formatted as’ operator to format your dates (in your case as weeks):

Hopefully this helps! :slight_smile: