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[New plugin] Beautiful Customizable Charts and Graphs (ApexCharts.js)

@Thimo I hope you are well. Wanted to check with you on the x-axis labels being cut off. The latest update sounded like it might fix this, but maybe I misunderstood.

@Thimo Is anyone seeing any issues with Area Chart Multiline when the chart initializes with only 1 series provided. After one of the last updates (I think the last) any multi line chart with only one series will not display data.

@rivergalli The last update was a very minor change as the Area chart had the min and max width for the X-axis labels swapped around.

For me the Multi line charts are woking completely fine with 1 data series. I will send you a PM so we can take a closer look!

Hi @Thimo , I have added 2 donut charts on a page, but it seems that only 1 of them is visible.
Is there a way to display 2 similar charts on 1 page ?

@elian Yes multiple the same charts are possible ofcourse. Not sure what is happening in your app. I will send you a PM so we can take a closer look!

@Thimo when using an area graph or line graph is there a way to set focus on a particular value?

e.g. I have sales data for a month (plotted daily) and want to highlight the data pint for a particular day on load. I can hover over and highlight it- but want it to be pre-highlighted on load.


@t_bubble this is not yet possible right now. Let me look into if this is supported so I could add it to the plugin :slight_smile:

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hey there @Thimo ,
Running into the same problem: I want to display a text on hover (or some other way) related to the item on the x-axis in the scatterplot. Were you able to find a solution here?

Great plugin by the way :slight_smile:

Perfect thanks Thimo !

@dannyliu custom tooltips are supported at this time. So you can display information related to a data point on a custom tooltip. You can visit the demo page to see how that works :slight_smile:

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Thank @Thimo :slight_smile:

Thanks @Thimo , just specifying my use case:

I currently have a display name for each object (text) that I want to display when the user hovers the each point in the scatter graph. It’s not a number, and it’s not a series type.

Database Item Name
[Name] (text)
[score1] (x-axis number)
[score2] (y-axis number)

On the demo editor, it looks like the custom tooltip is only able to show numbers and series names.

I also see a way to create a custom state on the graph as a text. Is there a way to dynamically change it when a user hovers a different point on the scatter graph? Another way to solve this would be to save the scatter point the user is hovering.

Thanks for the quick response on this!

Hi @Thimo
Do you have any update on the ability to have dates on the X-axis for Scatter charts? We are working on a few scenarios and this would be great!

Thank you

@dannyliu Actually, you can show way more. The chart returns the index number of the value that is hovered as a state, so you can use that to retrieve all the fields related to a point, e.g.: do a search for:item#Chart’s last selected index on hover :slight_smile:

@george.ntinolazos Thats for the request! I will explore if I can include an additional scatter chart that uses dates!

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Hi @Thimo Thanks for the great plugin! I am really enjoying it so far.
I came across this problem when using repeating group as the data source of the chart, here are some context:

  1. The repeating group is hidden on page load,
  2. I call an Api and display returned data in the repeating group,
  3. The chart is configured to use this repeating group as data source for series data and category.

Here is the problem:
When I resize (squeeze or expand) the browser window containing the chart page, the chart disappears, leaving empty x-axis and y-axis.

Any idea of why this is happening or how to fix it? Thanks in advance!

@Thimo I get the following error (although the annotation appears correctly on the Bar Chart)

Action Add Y-axis Annotation BarChart A

The plugin ApexCharts.js - Charts and Graphs / action Add Y-axis Annotation a Bar Chart threw the following error: [email protected]
@ (please report this to the plugin author)

Hi @george.ntinolazos, thanks for flagging! I will investigate what is happening here! :slight_smile:

Hey @Thimo
Is it possible to remove ellipses from x axis? I have been messing around with the settings for area chart but I don’t see a way for my graph labels to stop having the ellipses.

Hello @Thimo ,

Thanks again for your help.
We nearly get the result we espected, we just need one more things :

  • Is it possible to display only the x-axis legend on elements which are not empty ?

Note that we can do an aggregation for each 7 days or month for example because a user can have 2 data point with a value with an interval of one day and a 3rd point 1 month later.
In this example their is 4 value not empty the rest of data are filled with the option “Replace null/undifined with previous value”

This should help us make this looks great :

@lucasbennington Did you already try to play around with these two options:

This is not yet possible. You can decrease the tick amount on the X-axis (see image above) to have less ticks on the X-axis :slight_smile: