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[NEW PLUGIN] Beautiful Date/Time Droppers

Did anyone ever find a workaround for the initial state problem?
I don’t get how this wasn’t one of the first things to fix.

Hi @Jett, thanks for your message.

If we understood your question right, you are asking about adding the “Initial time” field for the time dropper element. Presently, we cannot provide the exact time estimates on this matter, sorry. But we strive to implement this option as soon as possible.

In case you’ve meant something else, please share few more details to your request, we will be glad to help you.

Zeroqode Support Team

Hey, yes, that’s what I meant. If you can’t set initial content, you can’t use it to adjust things in the database, which rules out a whole bunch of use cases.
I appreciate the reply though. Please do let me know if/when you ever add this.

In the meantime, I coded a workaround. If anyone’s interested, DM me.

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Hi @Jett , thanks for your reply.

This is noted, we will ask the developer team to pay more attention to this particular plugin improvement :slightly_smiling_face:.

Once any news will be available, we will let you know.

Zeroqode Support Team