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[NEW PLUGIN] Beautiful Date/Time Droppers

Upvote for this as well. Fantastic layout and sleek design, but being able to change color and font would then make it blend perfectly in with our design.

you deserve the whole coffeeshop my friend :coffee: :coffee:

I’m using the date dropper and also experiencing the issue with not being able to set the initial date. Is there any workaround for this that anyone has found? I’m trying to click a button called ‘Last week’, set state of the date dropper so it changes initial date -7 days but it doesn’t work. Unfortunately replacing the date dropper with another calendar results in about a bazillion errors that would take a very long time to work through.

Any help appreciated


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im trying to save time from air time droppers to my database but im not able to do it !anyone please any idea how i could save to my db time value

I’m using the Time Dropper to have users input a time in a popup, but when the time dropper is clicked it displays multiple time droppers at once, like this:

Time Dropper Screenshot

Does anyone know how this can be solved or if I’m doing anything wrong?

Don’t get me wrong I love rainbows but is there a way to set this to BLACK? It is a nice design and looks very stylish but sometimes I need to be a bit more serious and for what I would like to use it now black, grey or completely white would be perfect. Unfortunately, colours don’t always match with everything. the rest yes

@seanhoots Is it possible to block dates using an expression? For example: Thisdate:extract day is 0 to block all Sundays.

p.s. thanks for this plugin.

or @levon if this is now managed by you.

Hey Bubblers :wave:
Happy to share the news that this plugin along with all the other plugins made by notorious bubbler @seanhoots have been acquired by Zeroqode :rocket:

We’ll do our best to maintain and improve these plugins in a timely and efficient manner. Look out for updates on these plugins soon :slight_smile: For any questions or assistance requests please make sure to tag @ZeroqodeSupport

Here is the full list of acquired plugins:

To see almost 300 other Bubble plugins made by Zeroqode please go to No-Code App Plugins for Bubble | Zeroqode

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Can i use this nice plugin to set a date range on the same dropper ?


Hi @levon , I wonder if you heard anything back about my question above?

Hi @ZeroqodeSupport,

I’m really wanting to love this plugin but I’m having a little bit of an issue on mobile with the date dropper - works fine in the ‘minimised view’ but if you enlarge to the calendar style view you can’t scroll down the data dropper, it scrolls the page behind the date dropper element and because the date dropper doesn’t resize for the screen properly the year, little arrows to minimise/maximise and the tick to accept the date are inaccessible.

Works perfectly on laptop/desktop :slight_smile:

@tadeu.msv , @mihira , @equibodyapp hello! Apologies for the late reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, using the AirDateDropper you can display only one date value per element.

You should be able to do so, using the Disabled dates field:

We have tested your use case on mobile devices and there seems to be no issues with it. The enlarged element (Calendar) is placed in the center of the page and nothing prevents it from interacting.

Perhaps, if you show your particular case, I will be able to provide any suggestions, but at the moment we do not encounter any troubles with the plugin (specifically, with the AirDateDropper element) running on mobile browsers.

Zeroqode Support Team

Thank You very much for the information ! :grinning:

Can i bind the date on the dropdown to another group ?

There is a bug with focus group. Everytime i click on a date on the dropdown, the focus group gets closed (it works fine witht the native bubble date dropper).

@ZeroqodeSupport where can I send a screen recording? I can’t seem to add it here.

Thanks for the reply @ZeroqodeSupport , could you please show me an example of an expression that would block all Sundays using this field?

Problem is this field needs to contain a list and cannot contain a condition.

@ZeroqodeSupport - I’m having a lot of trouble with the ‘air’ plugins at the moment.

I can’t seem to get the air date dropper to work on mobile.

I can’t seem to get the air date/time picker to display AT ALL (I even copy/pasted from the demo editor just to try and see if it’s some random setting)

I can’t seem to get air calendar elements to display. Throwing the following errors sometimes too

I currently am using one instance of air calendar in my app and I’m trying to add in more places. I have tried both adding new instances of the element and copy/pasting from the existing element that is currently displaying correctly. Nada. Just comes up blank (not a blank calendar, just completely blank space). Earlier today I had a new element displaying and now it’s randomly just not displaying.

Side note I’m also having trouble with the Multi-uploader not actually uploading all the files selected when on mobile device I just haven’t had a chance to report that bug yet.

Starting to get a little frustrated :neutral_face:

@tadeu.msv ,

Yes, sure:

Group Focus and AirDateDropper elements are using the same working mechanism. Thus, if you are clicking on the plugin element, the focus concentrates on it, and the Group Focus gets closed.

@mihira ,
You can create a list in the database, that contains Sundays, and indicate it in the field. Indeed, this field seems not to be able to handle such complicated filtration. So the best solution here, I suppose, is indicate the list of restricted dates.

@equibodyapp ,

You can email us at [email protected]. Use Loom for screen recording.

We do not encounter any issues in the Air Date/Time Dropper on mob devices at the moment (checked on some Android and iOS devices). Can you please specify what exact issues you have with this plugin in the separate thread on our Zeroqode Forum?

Have you tried to reinstall the plugin and use the “fresh” plugin element on the page? I mean here, we have a precedent where after the plugin update, the plugin element refused to work dropping an alike issue. Creating a new calendar element on the page fixes it (AirCalendar A element).

Also, to be able to help you with this issue, let me please ask you to create a separate thread on our Zeroqode forum. It will be much convenient for us to provide you with feedback and assistance when you initiate a separate post with the details of your trouble.

Please create a forum request with the details of the issue that can help us investigate and reproduce the case. If it is a plugin bug, we will fix it asap after an investigation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding :pray:

Zeroqode Support Team

Hey @ZeroqodeSupport,

As I see, this a new Plugin in your portfolio.

Is it possible to add the feature to set Initial Content for Air Timer Dropper?

If you search on this post will see a lot of request on this;

Thanks for the attention!

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Hi @polenvinagre, thanks for reaching out.

We will check how feasible it will be to add the requested feature to the future plugin update, thank you for suggesting it. In case this option will come live, we will let you know.

Thank you and have a nice day!


Zeroqode Support Team

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Did anyone ever find a workaround for the initial state problem?
I don’t get how this wasn’t one of the first things to fix.