Code IDE!

Elevate your app development with Code IDE - a powerful plugin for Bubble that allows you to write code seamlessly, preview your HTML in real-time, and leverage your AI-powered coding assistance all in one convenient platform.

HTML coding and rendering in real time

Other features:
A. Copy code from IDE to clipboard
B. Inject code from AI answers into IDE

Supports languages
javascript, html, xml, css, python, ruby, java, c_cpp, csharp, golang, swift, kotlin, scala

And many themes
ambiance, chaos, chrome, clouds,clouds_midnight, cobalt, crimson_editor, dawn, dreamweaver, eclipse, github, gob, gruvbox, idle_fingers, iplastic, katzenmilch, kr_theme, kuroir, merbivore, merbivore_soft, mono_industrial, monokai, pastel_on_dark, solarized_dark, solarized_light, sqlserver, terminal, textmate, tomorrow, tomorrow_night, tomorrow_night_blue, tomorrow_night_bright, tomorrow_night_eighties, twilight,vibrant_ink, xcode


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Hey this is super cool

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I tried but show the I dont have permission

Sorry, I had been testing and was using API keys. It’s open now.

How I use this, I can add css style in my app bubble? help me

After it’s installed all you have to do is place the element on your app, and use the create an instance with the provided action.

hello, for me it is showing error when I click on the second button.