[New plugin] Create a product tour for your app 🚩

Hey, you can use a hidden step to wait for your element to appear :slight_smile:

:point_right: See this demo (editor).

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Awesome, thanks. That worked!

@nocodejungle this is a great plugin but I can’t get it work in a popup.

I tried using a hidden step per your direction to @trygumball but that didn’t work, I get an error.

Would you please build a demo showing how to do a tour for an element within a popup?

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Hi @greg18, I recently acquired this plugin from @nocodejungle!

I’ve built a demo that includes an element within a popup as a step of the tour

A preview of the demo:

The editor for the demo can be viewed here

Let me know if that works for you :slight_smile:

Thank you @alexcooney5 for your prompt help!

Yes I can now highlight an entire popup per your demo.

However I still can’t highlight an element within a popup like @trygumball’s example

Could you please create a demo showing how to highlight an individual element within a popup?

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@greg18 I’ve updated the demo know to get it to better match what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps!

Thank you once again @alexcooney5 for amazing customer service!! I’ll test this out and let you know if I have further questions

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Glad to be of help @greg18 :slight_smile: !

If you have any other questions just let me know

Hi @nocodejungle thanks for this app, it’s really useful and easy to use. However sometimes I get this error:
The plugin A+ Onboarding - Product tour / action Add a step in a Product Tour threw the following error: TypeError: instance.data.log is not a function
at eval (PLUGIN_1605374038476x675095182407893000/A–Onboarding—Product-tour-element_action–Product-Tour-Add-a-step-in-.js:4:19)

I guess I must been doing something wrong, but maybe you can help me to dig on this.

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Hi @claudia_alf, I recently acquired this plugin from @nocodejungle.

Sorry that you’ve been having trouble with the plugin and would be happy to help you.

Would you be able to?

  1. Make your bubble editor public
  2. Send me a link to your editor via private message
  3. Let me know what specific workflow is causing the error

This will help me figure out the exact problem :slight_smile:

Echoing previous posts it would be great if we could adjust the size of the buttons and the text inside those buttons. The buttons are small and hard to read on mobile

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Thanks for the feedback @greg18 - can’t guarantee when this will be implemented, but it’s on my to-do list for sure.

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Hi everyone, I just created a new video tutorial on how to use this plugin :slight_smile:

I’ve also built a new demo app that showcases the plugin (editor is public) - link is here.

Plugin page:

@nocodejungle Hey Lucas, thanks for this awesome plugin!

I tried to add a Welcome step and it won’t show in the middle as it is supposed to when we don’t put any element id.

Could you please help me fix this?


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Hi @minh.iae, I recently acquired ownership of this plugin from @nocodejungle and would be happy to help you out :slight_smile: Will send you a private message to get full details.

How do you get a side nav to rotate though various state views? I have tried doing the same thing you did with the popup but changing a state variable.

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Hi @dan32, thanks for checking out my plugin!

Just to clarify what you’re asking: do you want to show/hide various views during the tour? Using custom states to set the “view”?

Hi @minh.iae, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ve pushed a fix - if you upgrade to the latest version of the plugin this should no longer be happening :slight_smile:

yes, the views use a custom state variable

@alexcooney5 Did you make the buttons bigger? The buttons are now bigger and more legible, which is an improvement

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