[New Plugin] CSV File to JSON

Hi @shawnmi6

Sorry for bugging you again. I have been banging my head against the wall and still couldn’t get my API workflow to work. I used your plugin to parse CSV and have Bubble’s endpoint detected the data sent to it. I also configured subsequent API workflow to create a thing using the data coming from the API endpoint. However, I can’t select the API workflow on the page where I want it to be triggered. It seems I need to “manual definition” the data sent to Bubble.io for the workflow to be called. Is this true or I’m missing something?

Can you please help?

I have some time now, I can get on a quick zoom call in which you can share your screen and I can help you out.

Hi, thank you so much for the plugin.

I have a doubt… when i upload my csv file and change for example to create product on my database, it creates list of values instead of one item per line as it suppose to be… is there a way so it reads every line as a different product? because if i say that, for example…

Creat a new product… where “name = title”… instead of creating as many products as i have by line, it just put all the titles in the same field as a list, even though my data field is not a list.

Can you help me @shawnmi6 or @avern87



I have a single-column CSV file with the header addresses.

Is there a way to parse the CSV file into a list of texts and remove the header from the list of texts?

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I’m having a hard time figuring out how to send over the JSON data to my backend workflow.
I can’t figure out how to take the whole JSON string and divide it so each parameter gets only their slice of the pie.

(My backend workflow gets data from SP-API as CSV but I’m having a issue with bubble because the max CSV import they allow is 1,000 rows, and that’s why I’m converting it to JSON first, but I’m getting a issue when it comes to loading it into my database)

Hi @shawnmi6
Is it possible for this plugin to work with private files?

@shawnmi6 , thanks a lot for your handy plugin! It includes many helpful features.

According to Bubble, the plugin requires an update to maintain compatibility with the Bubble platform: “This plugin has not received a necessary update from its author and may lose some functionality on March 12, 2024. Read more.”

Do you plan to update this plugin? If so, what timeline do you anticipate?

Hi everyone :wave:t2:

I have created a new improved version of this plugin and have submitted it to be published. Bubble is reviewing it and once approved, it will be available for everyone to migrate over to the V2.


Thanks a lot! That info helps us plan regarding maintaining our apps.

Hi :wave:t2:,

Below is the link to the improved V2 of the plugin

Thanks for the status update, @shawnmi6.

Everyone, please reply here with your results from upgrading so we can learn from each other.

I see that the V2 plugin has only 3 installs, while the original has more than 1000. Has anyone encountered issues with the V2?

V2 is paid because I will be spending time to maintain it and keep enhancing it over time.

V1 was Free.

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Yes, I saw that difference. That’s one reason I’ve been asking for others’ experience using V2–I intend to purchase V2 and am happy to pay for your good product, but want to confirm it’s actually being successfully adopted before spending that money plus the time to revise my app.

Hi Jacob,

You mentioned in your previous reply that your backend workflow gets data from API as CSV. I’m trying to set up the same thing, need my backend workflow to accept a CSV file, but can’t figure out the request/parameters etc. Could you please explain/show how you implemented this?

Thanks a lot!

:sparkles: New Feature :sparkles:- Now you can pass custom headers for authentication to fetch remote CSV files.

This feature will help if your local/remote CSV files requires authentication.

I went ahead and installed V2. Very smooth–same Convert CSV to JSON action with all the same properties. Works just like the original. Thanks again for developing the upgraded version, @shawnmi6.

With both the original and V2, the Convert CSV to JSON action throws an error if the FileUploader input’s ‘Make this file private’ property is enabled. Is it possible to make the plugin work with a file uploaded as private?

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Hey David,

Marking the file private, makes it only accessible by fetching it via authentication. I added a new feature that allows you to do just that.

  1. Get a api token either as a admin or for the user the file is private to.

  2. In the plugin editor use the “Custom Headers” option to add a key/value

  3. According to the Bubble API Doc’s the way to pass authentication is by settings the following header:
    Key - Authorization
    Value - Bearer

Thanks for the explanation, and the summary of authentication for the Bubble API. I tested using an admin API token, and that indeed worked just as you described–although it’s presumably not secure to use an admin API token in a front-end workflow.

So, alternatives seem to be either re-request current user’s password and send that to a backend workflow to generate a user token to use in the Authorization header or else move the Convert CSV to JSON action itself to a backend workflow so the admin API token can be used securely in the Authorization header.

This is a server side plugin and all the code is being executed on the server-side, therefor it should be safe to use a admin token, but I still would recommend using the current user’s token.