New Plugin: Customizable Rich Text Editor

Hey bubble community,

We’re excited to announce our new plugin for bubble - a rich text editor with a fully customizable toolbar. Our plugin makes it easy to customize the buttons that appear in the editor toolbox, insert high-quality images, and enjoy fast support and upcoming updates. Plus, it’s completely bug-free!!!

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to write a comment here or send us an email at

More plugins and updates are coming soon from IdeaLink so stay tuned!

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hi your plugin no found … :confused:


I just checked and there are no problems to find the plugin. You can open it by this link - Customizable Rich Text Editor Plugin | Bubble

Nice one. Never enough rte editors on here hehe.

Few questions :
Description says hashtags and mentions… How do you implement them? And do they work with API things (not just dB things).
Why do we have add an API token in the settings?



Good call, we should remove that from the description as to do hashtags and mentions, you actually need to work with the database yourself and make them do functions that you want them to do. (E.g. tagging by hashtags, search by hashtags, or mention people and send notifications, etc.) Thanks for flagging that, we’ll change it.

The API was added as we were implementing saving images not on the Bubble server (and syncing with data API), but later discontinued it as didn’t see much use for it from our use-case testing.

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Hello there,

We’re considering adding a new feature: selectable option to save uploaded images in bubble data or delete them immediately. I would love to hear your opinion on whether or not you think this idea would be useful.

Let me know your thoughts!

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Hi there,
Congrats for the work done, 2 questions:

  • Does the plugin support auto-binding of data?
  • Can I reset inputs of the RTE with the “reset all relevant inputs” workflow action?
    Thanks in advance!