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[New Plugin] Dragtable & Dragtable Plus

I’m pasting my reply to your email here as well so others can see it :slight_smile:

First, I wondered if there was a way to implement a search box (or column filters) to filter some information displayed in the table?

Dragtable ‘rides the rails’ of a standard bubble repeating group. So what is actually going on is the bubble repeating group is searching your data and dragtable formats it to look like a table. Each row contains a separate dragtable element that displays data for that row. This means if you can do it in a repeating group, then you can do it in dragtable

Moreover, I need to select several rows in order to trigger workflows on all of them (for instance, send an email to the users selected). Is it possible to do so?

Following up on the theme above ‘if you can do it in a repeating group, you can do it in dragtable’ so the answer would be yes. The following information a little outside the scope of dragtable, but I’m happy to try and get you going!

  • You would need dragtable plus so you can incorporate bubble elements (like a checkbox) inside your drag table.
  • Place a checkbox into the repeating group, give it an id, and put that id into dragtable for your row configuration so the checkbox will be integrated into your table (see the example app for dragtable pro where elements are used inside a table cell)

Here’s a bubble trick on how you can keep track of selecting multiple things in a repeating group (BTW this applies to selecting multiple items any repeating group not just dragtable)

  • Create a page state that is a *list of things (*whatever the type of thing is in your repeating group results)
  • Create two workflows both using the trigger when an input has changed and select the checkbox element that is inside the repeating group row.

Workflow #1 conditional = this checkbox is checked
step 1: set a state (your list of things) = your list of things:plus item checkbox parent group’s thing
Workflow #2 conditional = this checkbox is unchecked
step 1: set a state (your list of things) = your list of things:plus item checkbox parent group’s thing

Summary: anytime the checkbox for a row changes the workflow fires. If it is checked we add it to our list of checked things. If it isn’t we remove it from the list of checked things. Then you can do work on your state list of things

If you are having trouble following this very brief explanation on selecting multiple items in a RG there are several how-to’s on the forums about how to accomplish this. Again it will work with dragtable.

What you are attempting to do here with selecting multiple rows is fairly standard (I do it in my own apps). It is however slightly advanced since you are using dragtable page elements in dragtable and bubble logic. I would recommend taking a good look at the dragtable plus example apps and the editor page. The dragtable configuration window in the editor has lots of documentation that will prove to be very useful.