[New plugin] Eden AI - 17 AI features with all the best AI providers aggregated - More are coming

Hi Bubble community,

We just released a new Eden AI plugin: Ask YODa.

:robot: Discover how to effortlessly train a chatbot on your own data using OpenAI (ChatGPT), Anthropic (Claude), Google Cloud, AI21Labs or Cohere in just 5 minutes!

You can check the documentation and tutorial to build your own ChatGPT engine here.

Let us what you think about this :wink:

Hi Bubble users,

We published a new template for Content Creation. This template helps you create amazing Content Creation Apps that allows to generate blog articles, social media posts and more.

Thanks to the Eden AI plugins, the users of your apps will be able to generate text and images for their content.

Here is the link of the template: Content Creation

Let’s create amazing apps!

Please add TTS streaming asap as well. Do prioritize OpenAI and Play.ht for this.

We plan to add real time engines in the second quarter of 2024!

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Hi Bubble users,

We added many awesome plugins for new AI tasks!

AI for Document parsing:

AI for Image:

AI for text:

  • Text Anonymization: send text and get in response text with anonymization

  • Entity Sentiment detection: Entity Sentiment Analysis combines entity and sentiment analysis to determine the sentiment expressed about entities in a text.

Let’s build awesome apps powered by AI and join our Discord to get advice and help from the Eden AI team.

Go! go! Go!