[New plugin] Eden AI - 17 AI features with all the best AI providers aggregated - More are coming

Hi Bubblers,

We are happy to release our Master plugin that regroups 17 AI features:

  • Image: image generation, text-to-speech, object detection, face detection, explicit content detection
  • Text: summarization, keyword extraction, text generation, sentiment analysis, NER, text moderation, translation, language detection
  • Audio: speech-to-text, text-to-speech
  • OCR / document parsing: ocr, invoice parser, receipt parser, resume parser, ID parser

More than just accessing AI features, you can choose to use the provider you want between all the best, and you can call multiple providers in the same request (OpenAI, Cohere, Google, AWS, Microsoft, IBM, OneAI, NeuralSpace, DeepL, ModernMT, Clarifai, etc.)

:point_right: Access the Eden AI plugin with all the AI features
:point_right: Also find a specific plugin for each AI technology
:point_right: Create your Eden AI account

You can ask questions and share your project on this thread!

Eden AI Team.


We wrote a step-by-step tutorial to set up Eden AI on Bubble, with a quick video! The tutorial shows how to parse invoice on Bubble: https://www.edenai.co/post/a-step-by-step-guide-to-bring-ai-to-your-app-using-bubble


What is the pricing? $99/month is a lot of most bubble developers. Is there anything cheaper or a one time fee for x credits?


Eden AI offers a flexible pricing model that allows you to pay for only what you use. The prices vary based on the AI features and the providers you choose to utilize.

Upon creating your account, you receive a $10 credit to explore the app’s capabilities. Additionally, you can add more credits to your account based on your usage needs.

For those seeking advanced features, the growth plan priced at $99/month includes up to 50 calls/sec, custom AI models, an AI Workflow Builder, bring your own accounts, multiple API keys for different projects and a premium support.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Hi Bubble users,

We added many templates to help you build your AI applications. Let’s build applications for your users:

Let’s build awesome apps powered by AI and join our Discord to get advice and help from the Eden AI team.


I’m trying to test the OCR.

It works fine here: https://app.edenai.run/bricks/ocr/ocr

But when I test it in my app, my text returns in Chinese characters, no text, or a string.

Would you be able to help me troubleshoot?

Hi @msamandadianne ,

We responded to your issue in our Discord
The chinese message corresponds to the initialization response, it means that you have to change how you map your API call. You can see the screenshots on Discord).

Does the EdenAI plugin have Streaming capabilities in Bubble?

Hi @dustinstout , Eden AI plugins only providers AI APIs services (synchronous or asynchronous) but nothing real-time.
Eden AI API can respond in few seconds so it really depends on your use case.

We plan to add Speech-to-text real time plugin in the future!

@tech32 I just want to clarify because your answer makes it unclear:

By ‘streaming’ I mean the ability to see the AI typing in real time, rather than waiting for the completed request to come through. Does Eden AI have streaming capability?

Not available at the moment but it will be available for Speech transcription in the next months

Hi Bubble users,

We added 2 new plugins that could be very useful!

You can take a look at:

Hello, on your text to speech plugin How do I choose the voice I am going to use?
I want the google studio voices

I tried this but is not working and getting error

Thank you!


Hi @rccanlas2 ,
the model settings must be in the following format : { “provider” : “model”}, in your case it should be : { “google” : “en-US-Studio-M”}.
Look at the screenshot below for more clarification.

Let us know if you have more questions.

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I have fixed the issue.
But when I am converting text using google, when it is 1000 characters or more it is not working.
Is there a limit on how much characters I can only convert?


Also in your plugin, I cant get the elevenlabs URL as the response
There is no elevenlabs URL

Hello @rccanlas2 ,
The character limit is between 4000 and 5000 depending on the provider. What is the error that you are getting?
Also, Elevenlabs’ results are now available, don’t forget to upgrade to the last version 1.6.1 .
Let us know if you have more questions.

Hi Eden AI team. I installed this plugin for my app and followed your tutorial to add some awesome features to my app, but I’m getting the following error message when I’m trying to parse a resume or extract keywords from a text.

Eden AI error

I’m pretty sure the formatting of the authorization token is correct. What else can the problem be?

I realize that this request might require more one-on-one help. Please let me how can we communicate privately so I share access to what I’m trying to build. (unfortunately, I don’t use Discord).

Many Thanks,

Hi @trojtaslakian ,

Did you add the Bearer before your API key?

If needed, you can contact us at tech@edenai.co

Eden AI team

Yes I did @tech32

I’ll send you an email with details.