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[New Plugin] Emails (bdk)

Hello Bubblers,

We have a new addition to the Bubble Developer Kit :smiley:

Emails (bdk): Send emails easily using your sendgrid account

  1. Supports HTML body :fire:

  2. Supports attachments :paperclips:

  3. Single workflow step to optionally add cc, bcc emails :sailboat:

    More features such as support for templates is in the roadmap

Try it out in the demo page

Happy Bubbling!



Hey @gaurav! Quick question. What are the major advantages over the standard Bubble emails through Sendgrid? I like your other plugins. Just trying to determine the major advantage to this one.

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Sounds cool! But I get this error when I try your demo :frowning_face:

Sorry about that! My sendgrid api key became invalid. I’ve changed the key. Please try it now! :slight_smile:

Hey @josh10,

Currently the standard bubble emails don’t support directly using html in the body and attaching files. This plugin supports both. I also plan to add support to more sendgrid features such as templates, substitutions etc.

Couple of bubblers requested for such features in this thread: Request for feedback: What 3rd party integrations are missing?


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Attachment don’t seem to work. I tried sending links stored in database as well as just simply passing url from multi-file upload. Anything specific that needs to be done?

Hi @brian2,

I tried in the demo page and it seems to work fine for me… Can you compare your setup to the demo page editor setup to verify the difference?


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Is it possible to define a different reply to address like in the bubble email send action?

Only for sendgrid?
Could Sendinblue also work?


Ah good point! Will add this feature :+1:

Unfortunately not… I built it for sendgrid only since that’s the most commonly used mail service by bubble users :frowning: