✉ Sendinblue SMTP A free alternative to Sendgrid mails by Reduble.com

Send mails to your customers with Sendinblue using your SMTP account, a free alternative instead of using Sendgrid.
Also good choice for send mails without using default admin-no-reply@bubble.is

This plugin use v3 api version (last version)

With free account you can send up to 600 mails / day.

For use this plugin you will need:
1- Create account in Sendinblue: https://www.sendinblue.com/users/signup/
2- Get your v3 api key from: https://account.sendinblue.com/advanced/api
3- In some cases Sendinblue needs verify your account (for prevent spammers). So sometimes before you can start sending mails, you have to send to Sendmail your page for verify the domain.

How to use it:
1- Install the plugin :sweat_smile: https://bubble.io/plugin/sendinblue-smtp-1520524904151x890914947846373400
2- Add your v3 api key to plugin settings tab
3- Check your account is verified and ready to send mails

There’s 4 different workflows, we will explain each one for a correct usage.

1- Send SMTP Mail
1.1: We will use this workflow when we need send a simple message to a user. This workflow is useful i.e for send activation url, reset password…
How to use (fields): (The * fields are required)

  • Sender_name: I.E: Reduble
  • Sender_mail*: I.E: info@reduapps.com (we suggest use the same mail that is configured on sendinblue as sender mail)
  • To_email*: User mail I.E: user@mail.com
  • To_name*: User name I.E: John
  • Message_html*: Message body (accepts html tags)
  • Subject*: Message subject
  • Email_toreply*: I.E: info@reduapps.com
  • Name_toreply*: I.E: Reduble

2- Send SMTP Mail + File
2.2: We will use this workflow when we need send a simple message with attached file. This workflow is useful i.e for send invoices, birthday postals, or other… (We recommend use this workflow only when you need send file, because the file is required, so if you need send only message, dont use this one)
How to use (fields): (All the other fields are the same as point 1)

  • Filename_extension*: Here we can customize the filename that will recieve the user. I.E: If we are sending an Jpg image: Myfilename.jpg
  • File_url*: Fileurl. Please take note when we use the file from our db is stored in //s3… so when we send the file we need to set static http: then the url of the file
    Check this url for see the workflow filled: https://puu.sh/zDjRg/03354b428b.png

(Next 2 workflows: Templates). Please note you need a template. The sender name, sender mail are configured in Sendinblue when the template is created.

3- Send SMTP Template A
3.3: We will use this workflow when we need send a customized template to a user. This is specially useful when we send a dynamic values, (trigger actions mails). With this workflow, only we can send 1 dynamic value through the mail, and its required to send at least 1 dynamic value.
How to use (fields): (The * fields are required)

What user recieves: https://puu.sh/zDkEP/4337e78b53.png

4- Send SMTP Template B
4.4: We will use this workflow when we need send a customized template to a user. This is specially useful when we send a dynamic values, (trigger actions mails). With this workflow, we can send MULTIPLE dynamic values in the same template. Its also required to send dynamic values.
How to use (fields): (The * fields are required)

  • template_id*: The template id (you can see that in your templates page: https://my.sendinblue.com/camp/listing
  • To_email*: User mail I.E: user@mail.com
  • replyTo*: I.E: info@reduapps.com
  • Attribute*: We can send multiple dynamic values.
    Example: we gonna use this template: https://puu.sh/zDkRZ/d13f7d0a02.png
    So we need to fill: USER and COUNT values.
    The structure for send multiple values is this: “templateattribute”:“Ourappattribute”,“templateattribute2”:“Ourappattribute2”
    In the case of user & counts should be: “USER”:“Dosearch…”,“COUNT”:“Doasearch…”

Example: https://puu.sh/zDl3j/83daa5b2b5.png
What user recieves: https://puu.sh/zDl6l/d3879d0d27.png

4- Send SMTP Template C
4.4: We will use this workflow when we need send a customized template to a user. With no dynamic values.
How to use (fields): (The * fields are required)

If you have any question, please feel free to ask,
We will also appreciate the comments (feedback), in this way they help us to improve and provide a more complete service.

Update 20-th of Feb 2019:
This plugin has been acquired by Zeroqode - for any support queries please mention @ZeroqodeSupport in your post


How do I make it so I write in a new line? Because the “message_body” field is only one line.

Hello @Profamii sorry for the delay.
For send a message in separated lines you can use the <br> HTML tag.


And the user recieves:

Remember: The Message_html field, accepts html tags.

For more details about how to use <br> check this:


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I appreciate the reply. I still believe a multi line input would make it 10x easier. Hope you consider my suggestion! Thanks!

Also, getting this error when trying to send an email.

I already entered my API v3 key correctly, why is this happening?

Can you post a picture of your workflow? For see why are you getting that error.

About the multi line input, actually as plugin builders, we can’t customize the workflow input.

The idea its not every time you need to send a mail, you have to change the workflow inputs.

The idea is mantain a static message with dynamic fields. Also you can add a multi line input and link it to the field with Multi line input value.


Here’s my Send SMTP Mail workflow:

Hello @Profamii you are getting the error because you are not using properly the html tags. So for use <br> you don’t need to close the tag with </br> (However you were using <br /> instead.)

Also the error is because you are sending " " (quotes). So the plugin is interpreting that quotes as part of the script that sends your mail. So instead of using this " quote, use this one: ‘something’.

So for refer to your mail you dont have to use the square brackets “[”. You can send directly the mail in the message as:
‘For any questions or clarification, please do not hesitate to email info@reduapps.com
and that mail will be automatically wrapped or you can also do:
'For any questions or clarification, please do not hesitate to email <a href='mailto:info@reduapps.com'>Reduble</a>

So your example mail should be something like:

We suggest you to update the plugin, because we pushed a new version that clarifies some fields that should be marked as *.

PS: Remember tags uses the < > symbols i.e: <something> and not “[”, for more info please check out: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/default.asp


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How do we format hyperlinks in the body of the send action? Can’t get it work atm. Thanks In Advance !

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Hello, can you show me how are you trying to send hyperlinks? And what error are you getting? (In the case you get any error)


Thanks for the image @proust007 the error is caused because the plugin thinks the " are part of the script that sends the message, and that’s why is throwing the error.

Instead of using " use '

Instead of: <a href="https://www.w3schools.com/html/">Visit our HTML tutorial</a>
This: <a href='https://www.w3schools.com/html/'>Visit our HTML tutorial</a>

Regards! :wink:

Thank You so much for a fast and accurate response! Very much appreciated!

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For ‘send SMTP mail + file’ is it possible to send more than 1 files in one email ?

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Hello @jd1,
Thanks for reaching us!
We will add this in the next version update, that will come very soon!! :star_struck:

Best regards.


Thanks for this awesome tip @Reduble.com @yusaney1! How do I send reset password mails via sendinblue since this is an integrated feature on bubble?

Great plugin. Nice to see some Bubble action coming out from Spain.


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Hello @jaos.pcl, thanks for your feedback!

About your question, do this:

Step 1- Add default bubble password reset workflow, and check the following option:

Step 2- Add Sendinblue mail workflow, and in the message body you can use the step 1 password reset token. Before using the token, we need to target our reset password page.
We need to parse 3 things:

  1. Website home URL
  2. Reset page
  3. And reset token

The [ ] are dynamic value:
We can easy do that using: 1. [Website home url]reset_pw?reset=[Step…1Token]

And the user receives:

(You can edit the message as you want… i.e:)

User recieves:

Or this other example:

Best regards.


Thank you so much for this!

Thanks, @JonL.
Maybe we are the first bubble company from Spain? :star_struck: