New Plugin - Emoji Ratings

Hey everyone,

we have just released the “Emoji Ratings” plugin.
This plugin allows you to add a Rating bar made up of emojis. You can choose between 3 different styles and 2 different sizes and set an initial rating. You can also disable a rating element so that users cannot change the rating. Every rating element’s current rating can be accessed via a state and every element supports autobinding to a thing (for example data field “rating” of a data type). Furthermore, everytime a user changes the rating, an event is triggered.
This plugin allows you to add a fun and interactive for your users to rate something within your app.

For a demo of this plugin please visit:
Plugin page:

Have a great day!
Noel from Anticode


Looks nice, great job!

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Great work! Is there a way to customize the emojis? For example ranging from a poop emoji to a money emoji for bad to great ratings.

unfortunately not yet but that is a good idea, so we might add it in the next update!