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New Plugin Firebase Storage

Firebase Storage.

With this plugin the only thing you need to do is create your credentials in the Google Firebase console, insert your credentials in the plugin and start using it.

The Plugin is all integrated, it contains its own File Uploader, so the files do not go through Amazon storage, and go straight to Firebase Storage.

Attention: This plugin was developed only for the use of Firebase Storage, it will not work with any other Google service.

For more information on rates and how to start using Firebase Storage visit:
For more information and testing visit

Sending and Receiving the Firebase Storage URL

1° Drag the Firebase Storage Element in the editor.


There are 3 Actions in the Workflow
1st Action: “Delete File”.
This action you will use to delete a file from Firebase Storage, you need to provide the folders separated by /, and the name of the file to be deleted.
And enter your credentials. Once the deleted file cannot be recovered.

2nd Action: “Send Firebase”
This is the action that you must call to send the file to Firebase Storage.

Enter the folders to which the file should be stored. If you want the file to upload with a dynamic name, select the “Use Custom Name” checkbox, and enter the name of the file in the File Custom Name field.
Important: If you put a name that already exists in the Firebase database, inside the same folders it will overwrite the file, and this action is irreversible, so be careful, so you don’t put repeated names.

3rd Action: “Reset Uploader '”
This action is used to delete all states and cleaning the File Uploader is always important to use after the file is 100% loaded in Firebase.

To manipulate your File Uploader in the workflow use one of the 7 events available.
They are :
Item Deleted = When an item is deleted.

Exceeded Size = When a file is larger than allowed.

Type not Allowed = When a file has its extension not allowed.

File Uploaded =
Use this event for when the file is 100% uploaded to the File Uploader

Send Firebase 100% = Use after the Send File action, this is the event where you can get the URL of the file generated in Firebase Storage.

Clear Uploader = Use this event after you have used the “Reset Uploader” action.

Send Error = You can use this event for when the user tries to upload a file but it does not match either the size, nor the allowed type, or if he tries to upload, with the File Uploader empty.

You also have 8 custom states.

URL = Get the URL of the file generated in Firebase.

File Size = Get the file size

Name of the File = Name of the file saved in Firebase Storage

Upload Progress = Get the percentage value of progress Upload

Folders = Get the reference folders

Image Preview =
If you want to show the preview of when an image is uploaded to the file uploader, you just need to put an image element for example, and put the data source in this states.

Original File Name = Here you can get the original file name with the extension.

Get File Type = In case you need it, here in this states you can get the file extension.

For more information on how to use visit the test link

Link to editor : Yes-plugins | Bubble Editor


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