[New Plugin] FREE Cards / Slides / Stack of content plugin

Hi Team,

With Cards stack deck you are able to stack bubble elements and shuffle them by swiping or skipping cards!
Here are the links:

:electric_plug:Plugin source code
:sparkles:Plugin page
:page_facing_up: Documentation and Service Example

Two modes:
by Element ID: you can create bubble groups and assign their IDs attributes to the plugin, which will create a deck of cards based on the content of those groups
by Hardcoding the information: If you need something quick and dirty which can display some text and image you can use the simple Cards Deck

We would appreciate to have feedbacks from you!

Have fun, & happy building!

Gabriel Cardoso
MediaNova, 2022


Seem to be a cool plugin!
Can youcreate an example with Element ID?
Also, found a bug when you use pagination, the item that will be swiped with button will not be the one on top.

Hi Jici, thank you for your quick eye!

We are aware of this situation. Currently we only support the swiping action or the pagination. The combination of both can mess up the card order. If is there a demand on the usage of both actions we will consider a feature of combining both.

Here you can find an example with element ID: Cardsstack | Bubble Editor

Thank you Jici!
Best regards
Gabriel C.
MediaNova 2022

Hello, is this currently working?