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[New Plugin] FTP/SFTP plugin needs beta testers

I would also like to be able to bring the file and that the user can download it from bubble?

You can view the file and download the one that belongs to you

thanks for your help

Hello @techsacsoporte
Thank you for your intererest in this plugin
As you can see in the demo app, the dates are returned when you list the files of a folder, or when you get the details of a file:

The data we have for each file is this:

  • size
  • modified (the date with the format “2001-03-15T15:13:00.000Z”)
  • name
  • isDir (yes/no)
  • mime

Concerning the download, please check the demo app and see if the files of your users can be downloaded with your FTP server. There is a size limit which depends on your FTP server

Concerning the access right, please consider this answer by @gilles

Setting up user access would be similar to other alternative storage options like s3 / Wasabi, just create access folders by group or user. The call from bubble would contain the username/pass to these specific folders only.


hi my friend

i still use the pluging and show me that error ?

Would you mind giving me access to your ftp? I it is ok for you send me the ftp details by email please
In any case I will add more info to this error message


hi my friend i cannot send that info i can create a user in my personal ftp and send u

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Hi Alex, Thank you for your plugin, I think it is very usefull.
I need to know if it’s possible to automatically download file on a ftp folder when a thing is changed.
Files are stored inside a field.

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Yes it is supposed to work like that :slight_smile:
Please try the demo and make sure it works with your ftp server

Hi Alex,
I can’t find the download action.
I need every night to update a file inside bubble with a file on a ftp server.

Hello @federmontanari
Thank you for this report, it is a good catch indeed, the action was missing
I just put it back and now it words as expected
I am so sorry for the long delay, I did now see the notification during my vacations
Please reload your bubble editor and add the action. Can you confirm it works now?
Thank you

Thank you Alex,
your plugin is really usefull.

Cool @federmontanari ! Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it
Don’t forget to add a review here :slight_smile: