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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

Hi @haydnhinks, you will have to use the ‘clicked’ workflow event to get the ID of the row. It is unfortunately not possible to get the ID of a row to load different data like you would in a repeating group. I am not sure if a feature like this is possible to implement, but I will take a look for you!

thanks for quick reply dude! No worries at all, your plugin does more than enough for me, happy to make my own tables to specific things like that. :slight_smile: cheers dude

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Hey again @Thimo
Sorry to bother you again, i was just fixing all my bubble ‘issues’ and I’m getting on with the table grids, where the error is ’ Table/grid A - is not a possible option’, however, I can not for the life of me figure out the issue, the tables seem to be working. Should I just ignore it?
I’ve done a quick video so show current settings on the table that bubble says there is an error on it :slight_smile:

again thank you dude

@haydnhinks Thats odd. I will send you a PM so we can take a better look!

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looks like its a bug where I copied the table to other pages, and they bugged out and said something wrong, but worked perfectly fine. when I recreated them exactly same, the error was removed. :slight_smile:

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Update 2.6.0

Added the option to disable the ‘Auto Width’ feature for columns.

Hello! this is great, does it support frontend editing by the end user? Im looking to serve the user a template via a table and then the user has an option to add/remove records/rows and or edit any existing cells/fields

Hi @shane2, the plugin doesn’t support that feature natively. You can however use the row/cell is clicked event to display data in for example a popup and let users edit the data that way.

Ahh interesting. Could I tie it to a single field instead of the full record? So if I just want to edit Column A when I click it ancd editor for Column A pops up rather than all columns?

@shane2, you can represent every row by an ID. So, you can us that ID to show data inside a popup for example like you see on the demo page. That way users can access the data represented by that row.

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Hey @Thimo,

I bought your plugin, it’s amazing, so nice!

One question : is there a way to reference the value of a column in another colum? let’s imagine I have users and communities in my app, and each user belongs to only one community (the community thing has a list of user things). If the first col of the table is the app users, would be nice to be able to retrieve the user thing or ID in col B to do a search. Is it something possible by any method?

Many thanks,
And again, awesome stuff with this plugin!

@Christophe_HK great to hear that you are enjoying the plugin! I have tried in the past to implement a feature like this, but didn’t succeed back then. I am also not sure if this is possible. I will try to look into it again for you!

Many thanks @Thimo, very appreciated.

Maybe is there a way to link a custom state to each row and get this state usable for the whole row cells? As an example, col A contains the custom state’s thing, and all others cols can refer to this thing using this row (a bit like the repeating group logic, in fact).

Easy to say, isn’t it? :smile:

@Christophe_HK Yeah, I was also thinking of something like that. I am not sure if that is going to work though, I will look into it but can’t promise any results.

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No worry @Thimo, that was just to say something, I’m really not entitled to say anything in fact :smiley:

If I may help, do not hesitate

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One (small ?) thing : would there be a way to be able to choose the CSV export delimiter ? (aka comma, semi-colon, …).

That would really help for my app. As per the regional settings (“List separator” param for excel), in France CSV is seen as using a semi colon as the default delimiter.

I think I found a minor bug @thimo. I built a table using my data, the first column contain a date formatted as text with custom format : “dd/mm/yy à HH:MM”.

As a result, this text date is not displayed on the cells. But there are present in the CSV export.

Screenshots below :



@Christophe_HK That’s definitely a weird problem. I will look into it to see if I can find a bug! Thanks for reporting! :slight_smile:

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Maybe because the customer date format contains a letter with an accent… I’ve to try removing this letter!

Big update! 2.7.0 & 2.7.1

You can now add custom HTML to the cells of a column. Simple BBcode including Font Awesome icons are also supported. This adds almost unlimited more possibilities! The demo page is updated to showcase these new features:


The new fields looks like this:
2020-11-22 om 20.01.14

You can use the [fas] tags for Font Awesome icons and use {{value}} to represent the value of the cell. Let me know if you want more examples on the demo page!