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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

@callum1 You need to use the same expression as you are using in the table as data source. So, for you it has a different name probably :slight_smile:

do i need to make a separate data type for the table then?

Thanks! Sorted.

Hello, I am wondering if it’s possible to create checkboxes that correspond to different locations, and then have a specific column called ‘newyork’ hide or show depending on which checkboxes are checked. For example, if someone checks the box for ‘New York’, the ‘newyork’ column would appear, but if they uncheck it, the column would disappear. Has anyone done something similar before? Thank you in advance for your help!

When I use Append Column Data Type select type text doesn’t refresh the column data changed?

secretsalesarmy   Bubble Editor (62)

@ivars.pavlovics.13 No, as I do not have access to the changed data in the Bubble plugin editor, this will not update live. However you can remove and append the column again to refresh this data :slight_smile:

Is it possible to hide a column with jquery?

Please check video

I guess you could use jquery in combination with the toolbox plugin to trigger the ‘remove column’ workflow action in Bubble for the table. But you could also use the List Shifter plugin to loop over a list of column names and remove the columns that are not selected.

Hey @Thimo any guidance on why this is showing up like this?

The campaign col are long strings with no spaces - so may be why. how do we get to wrap

And the status col is not wrapping either

@kai Long strings are supported. Are you hiding and showing the plugin element? Please try to use the re-render workflow when the element it loaded, that should fix this I think.

The status is wrapping, but it is likely you have given the outer div a fixed height so it does not grow with the wrapped text.

This is how it shows up on my screen:

@Thimo How to implement sorting by date? Because now it sorts column always like string and not for all formats it correctly. For example, format HH:MM sorts wrong

@slvk.garant not al formats are supported. The format you see on the demo page is one of the formats that is supported for example :slight_smile:

Are there plans to add support other formats? Or option like for numbers (but “Sort as a date”)? I bought full version for $50, but actually can’t use it

@slvk.garant as there are a lot of different ways to format a date, I can’t support all formats. The one form the demo page is supported and variations of that formatting.

Are you still having issues with the sorting using the formatting from the screenshot below?

No, format from screenshot (mm/dd/yyyy) works fine, but it unclear format for our customers, they prefer HH:MM

@slvk.garant Did you already try dd/mm/yyyy as that should also work. I think it is the dot that confuses the plugin

@Thimo Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, I entered dd/mm/yyyy format and it doesn’t work

Whenever I select a date datatype to be shown, the table freezes and never loads.

Do I need to use a different query or format the value in a specific way?

You should format your dates as texts. Please take a look at the demo page to see how that works: Pluginpreview | Bubble Editor

I see. I tried it my self and it seems only the US date notation (mm/dd/yyyy) is supported for the sorting feature. I am not sure if I can change that, but I will put it on my list to check out! :slight_smile:

What you can do right now is disable the sorting for your date column: