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🔠 New Plugin - Text File Manager by EzCode

Hey Bubblers !

Welcome new Text File Manager plugin

Generate a new files with given content and format.
Read a file data, content, format, size etc.

Supported and tested file formats: txt, csv, svg, json, xml
It can also work with other formats, just try it in our demo.

Bonus feature: Download a file
With this feature you can download any file from given url.
It can be any url from any file not only from the generated one.


Plugin Actions: - Generate new file

  • Read file content
  • Download a file (from url)

Plugin States:

  • File in Base64
  • File format name
  • File name
  • File size
  • File content
  • Uploaded file url

Plugin Events:

  • Done generating a file
  • Done reading a file

---- Generate new file action ----
To generate a file you should pic a file name, insert the file content and file format.

Supported and tested file formats: txt, csv, svg, json, xml
It can also work with other formats, just try it in our demo.

You can check the checkbox auto download and the file will start to download after it was generated.
Or you can uncheck it and use the download action and download the file when you need it.

---- Read file content ----
Upload a file or give and url to it and this action will read it and give you the file content, name, type and size in the states.

---- Download a file action ----
This will download a file from a given url. This action can be used for other files not only the one that was generated.

Editor Demo:

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas -

Hope you will like it !

Regards EzCode team .


Really cool!

Good job Paul!

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Thx @vladlarin, appreciate it !

This plugin is EXACTLY what I needed for my new app and released just as I was looking for it, what are the odds! I needed a way to generate dynamic xml files for a Twilio phone/sms integration and this app can do it.

Thank you I’ll be buying it today!

Update v1.2.0

New feature
Count words, paragraphs, sentences and characters in given text or text file ( upload or url to file )


New states:

  • Is counting (Yes/No)
  • Characters count
  • Sentences count
  • Paragraphs count
  • Words count

We have added an example with the new feature in our demo, try it


For those who are having errors regarding cross-origin, we have fixed it.
Please update the plugin to the latest version.

Hello @ezdev, would it be possible to use the read function to scan the text for keywords and then show the number of times those keywords are in the file?

Sounds like a good idea, will look if we can do that.

Please keep me updated. I would also be happy to beta test if need.

Hey @ezdev

Hope you are well dude. Not sure if anyone else is getting the issue.
But for I’m getting a cors error for the plugin on version 1.3
Version 1.2.2 and below are working fine :slight_smile: I’m just going to stay on 1.2.2 but thought I should mention :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, thanks for the report, we will fix it asap.

is there a way to save changes to the existing file in the database instead of creating a new file in file manager?

Unfortunately, no, because the way Bubble DB works, even if we will use the PATCH API call (to change the existing file), the old file won’t be deleted from the file manager anyway, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Hi, i bought your plugin, it’s really usefull.
I need to create a file in a backend wordflow is it possible with your plugin?
Can you help me please?

Hi, I was looking for something like this.

  1. Can this plugin also generate doc./docx. files?
  2. Does it support text styling? (paragraph breaks, numbering etc?)