[New Plugin] GeoNames

A very cool set of tools, there is everything from postcodes, elevations, weather in ICAO standard, earthquakes, time zones & even city statistics with population.


Is this a new plugin you made or need help creating? You listed it as Need Help :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, didn’t even realise!! I listed the other one today and then found out that implemented is for bubble to post them in and plugins was the next one I seen! thanks!

Indeed a cool set of tools. One request: can the sunrise and sunset parameters be date fields? They are texts now and it would be nice if they are dates so I can dynamically figure out if it is day or night in a certain location.

how do you get geonames to work? what are all the steps? i have not been able to get any of it to work for my app. i am trying to get the placename. going into zeroqode, i have not found any examples or documentation. i also check geonames and ran into some confusing documentation about the need to have a geonames account (but there is no parameter for username in the bubble geonames api) and the need to url encode strings of text for geonames to work.

how do you get geonames to work?

can you post a tutorial?

Hello @aphz88. Thanks for reaching out and sorry for a little delay.

We made an update to plugin and created instruction how to set up and demo page.

You can find it by link:

Hope that’s will help you.

Regards !
Zeroqode Team

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