New Plugin: TimeZoneDB

Hello all, I just found a need for this API: TimeZoneDB

So I created a plugin for it as it could be useful for many apps. You’ll need to register (free) for an API key to use the plugin, but I’ve included all 3 calls:

List Time Zones: Retrieve a full list of all supported time zones
Get Time Zone: Retrieve a time zone by latitude and longitude
Convert Time Zones: Get time difference between 2 zones

These all give you some useful info like zone names, country info, gmt offset, local timestamp, etc. If you run into any issues or need extra support, you can reach out at

Check out the plugin page by clicking here


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Awesome! Thanks Gaby!


I wanted to reply to this thread but it was closed: Add timezone to date time picker
So just linking for reference.

I’ve been toying with this plugin a bit but I’m not sure if can do what I try to do. I basically just want to store a date/time from the date/time picker as the local time.

I think I can probably do this by saving the timezone and then use formatted as with a dynamic timezone, but this only works when you save the date/time as text.

I want to keep using the date picker because it is a nice UX. I have a checklist of a bunch of items and they all display a date through the picker and allows users to change or add dates/time through it.

This is spread through multiple RG’s on different pages so the less I have to add (like another text field that displays but can still trigger the picker or something along those lines), the better!

Any thoughts?

Hi there.

Where is the documentation for this plugin?

Would be great to have a how-to-use guide or a loom video showing you how to install it. Currently there is no information. I’ve added the plugin, added the API key (after registering) but unsure where to go from here.

I couldn’t find the TimeZoneDB as a plugin in the WorkFlow or as a design element. Please help. Thanks so much.

Great, Thank you

Probably located under Get data from external API in a dynamic expression.

Any idea how i can format my time zone offset like
Egypt UTC _5