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📟 New plugin - doHTML (now free)


doHTML is a plugin that converts instantly your text into an HTML code.

It has a smart code-engine that will detect any character or tag you will need automatically.

You only need to write, and the plugin will do all the hard work!

Link to plugin:
Documentation, demo & editor:

Update 20-th of Feb 2019:
This plugin has been acquired by Zeroqode - for any support queries please mention @ZeroqodeSupport in your post


sweet…that’s a clever plugin.

Please don’t subscribe to the plugin, after a deep meditation we decided to make those plugins free for everyone.
So please, don’t purchase it, until bubble changes the license of those plugins to free. We sent them the request.



Updated :pager:

So for us non-techies what’s a use case for this?

It’s useful when you need to send HTML data instead of plain-text.
I.e: send API POST using input value.
I.e2: send mail using input.
It occurs me some more use cases :blush:


Thanks for your response. I guess I’m not ready to take advantage of it yet because neither case is something I’m aware of yet. I’ve used APIs and sent emails but not in those contexts…yet.

Thanks again. :+1:

Is it possible make the plugin to work as an action so that we could use it in the background to convert already stored text [from multiline input] into HTML format?

Using database stored text as the source?


Action so that we could “pass” already store text through the plugin.

Sorry for late answer. We add this on the next update! :heart:


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This plugin has been bought by Zeroqode - for any support queries please mention @ZeroqodeSupport in your post

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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@ZeroqodeSupport It doesn’t seem like this works on the new Bubble Rich Text Editor. Can that be added?

Hi, @dillon.blakes!

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m afraid we cannot guarantee the compatibility of our plugins with plugins from other developers. However, we’ll take a look at this to understand how we can proceed here to ensure the Bubble RTE works properly with the doHTML plugin in the future. Unfortunately, there is no exact timeline on this matter, sorry. Anyway, since the plugin is Free you are able to fork it and rebuild to fit your needs.

Zeroqode Team

can’t make it work, the state is always empty

Hello, @Sarah_Esteve
Thanks for your request.

First of all, please check our Demo Page and Bubble Editor for the plugin, in order to analyze the correct settings for this plugin:

Unfortunately, we can’t investigate your issue without mode details in this case.
Please attach all the necessary info like:

  • error screenshots from debugger and browser console;

  • the description of what you wanted to achieve and the actual result;

  • the screenshots with the settings for each plugin element (it is the most important part);

Looking to hear you soon.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team