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New Plugin: Jitsi 8x8 + JWT Token

Hey everyone,

we’ve just released a new plugin!
This Plugin allows you to integrate the private Jitsi-as-a-Service Video Calling serivce into your Bubble application ( This paid version of Jitsi gives you more control over branding, security etc.
Jitsi requires that JWTs (Json web tokens) have to be generated for each participant of each meeting. This plugin allows you to generate and sign JWT Tokens all within your Bubble application (Server-side) Workflows.

Plugin Page: Jitsi 8x8 + JWT Token Plugin | Bubble

For a demo of this Plugin in the Bubble Editor Please visit: Anticodepluginsnew | Bubble Editor


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Hi Noel. I’ve downloaded the plugin in bubble but I have no idea where to get my App ID and API keys. Where can I get those?

Hey, you have to sign up here: