Hey everyone!

We just released our JSON Builder plugin - it’s been an essential tool for us to work with APIs. It exposes a few workflows to let you build and update JSON objects within a frontend or backend workflow. Check out the demo for an example.

Link to the plugin > JSON Builder

Let us know if you have any questions or need support :v:


This is a really nice plugin - Totally underrated in terms of quickly building out custom JSON.

One question:
I have a structure of data like this:

Products (object)

  • prodTitle (text)
  • prodContentLink (reference to ProductContent db objects)

Product Content (object)

  • prodDesc (text)

When I build out the JSON object, I have this reference:


This will throw up this error:


I suspect it’s a bug. This is from creating an empty object.

Thanks guys,

Hey Toby!
So I think there’s an invalid token in the data that you’re trying to enclose in the JSON object. What you could do is the following:
Change the ‘content to show per list item’ to the following:
{“title”:this product’s prodName:format as json safe,“desc”:this product’s prodContentlink’s proddesc:format as json safe}

The :format as json safe makes sure that it will escape all invalid JSON characters and automatically enclose text in quotes (""). This should fix the issue! Please let us know if you still encounter an error!

Yup that did the trick.

For others to note: Make sure that once you change any text to json safe, you remove the " " for that item. Like this:

"item-name":"item" to "item-name":item:format as json safe

Some might miss that in this solution.

Time to buy a bunch of copies of this now for my projects :slight_smile:

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Good to hear that it works now!! Thanks for the support!