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[NEW PLUGIN] - Live Stream Video & Audio From Your Bubble Apps with AWS Interactive Video Service (free plugin!)

Video LiveStream - AWS IVS

Hey Bubblers!

We’ve just released a new, free plugin that makes it super easy to live stream in your apps! In just a few minutes, you can set up a personal streaming channel with AWS Interactive Video Services (Amazon Interactive Video Service), and have a view-able feed.

Check it out! We’re excited to see what people can build with this!

- Launchable AI

Plugin Page: Video LiveStream - AWS IVS Plugin | Bubble
Demo Page: Your Bubble app
Editor Page: Bubble Plugin Editor - Video LiveStream - AWS IVS


Superb stuff! @launchable

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Thanks @cmarchan!

Can this be plugin be used to live stream by multiple accounts on the same app ?

Hi @Koo,
Thanks for your interest!

I believe this should work fine. All the plugin requires is a playback URL, which is defined/set in AWS IVS. So if you have multiple channels configured, or if you have multiple users with their channels configured, you should be able to stream them all independently.

This plugin doesn’t handle IVS channel creation though. Maybe it’s useful if I record a video tutorial of setting up a channel in IVS, to help people get started…


Hello Good day!
Does this plugin allow ad integration?

I would like to get a recommendation to have the ability to add google ads in videos on live stream or the uploaded videos.

Hi @renglassicorp,

I don’t think IVS supports ad integration natively, but you could probably find a way to overlay ads on your stream, while using IVS. The service really just functions like a relay between your streaming computer and whoever wants to watch it; what you stream is up to you and pretty wide open.

I may be wrong about this though. If someone else knows about IVS/ad integration, please let us know!

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Is it possible to make recordings with this plugin?

Hi @kamil.tarczynski,

The plugin isn’t built to record, exactly. The way it works is you run a streaming application (like OBS Studio, for example), on your computer, which will record a webcam and mic, do screen capture, etc., and then you connect to AWS IVS to share the stream. The plugin just allows you to share the stream more easily.

If you’re trying to record a session, the streaming app you’re using, like OBS Studio, probably stores the recordings locally.

Hope this helps clarify!

It would be :point_right:t2:VERY:point_left:t2: useful!