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Create a live video stream

Does anyone know of a Plugin that allows Users to stream audio and video through your webpage?

Not really saving any video data but just to stream?

I used Youtube live embed


A forum search reveals quite a bit of discussion on the topic. Here’s a recent post about a plugin that also includes integration services…

Hi @eduKit

We built a plugin for this which works with Tokbox - perfect for livestream HD video and audio, screen sharing, and streaming to multiple people in an audience with up to 5 hosts.

Let me know if you’d like a call about it - the cost of the plugin is £1000

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Hey…How does this work for multiple user login and if they want to stream their own video?
Or did you find any other alternative?

Hi there,

It supports multi-user/simultaneous streaming so people with different accounts in your Bubble app can livestream at the same time without issue!

I’ll drop you a pm


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Would like to learn more about this please. Is there a dev version to try? We need to allow registered users to embed their own live stream in our app.

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Hi there, I’ll pm you!

Not really sure about that one, nbut in general if you want to create a video streaming website, you might want to check this guide.

hey, can you please let me know how to embed youtube live streaming? I am trying to paste the embed code in the HTML editor but it doesn’t show anything in preview?

Did you enable preview in your embedded iframe? Not sure if they support this feature.

Btw, I personally use Agora to host my live service. Check out this plugin: Easy Live Streaming with Agora Plugin | Bubble

It is very light-weighted and simple to implement.

Hello Ada! How are you?
I’m having some implementation issues …: confused:
It would be very helpful if you show me how you did it!!!

Much tks!

To be more specific, i want to use the live streaming feature - Host to Audience - . Im kind lost about what should i do on my bubble app wordflows and would be awesome if you have any video or more material about this specific implementation using Android Studio!!!
Im trying to follow these steps…Start Live Interactive Video Streaming


and also has this one…Start Live Interactive Video Streaming