New Plugin - Loading Game

Hey everyone,

we have just released a new fun plugin called “Loading Game”.
This plugin allows you to add a loading screen with a small minigame to your application. Once the loading screen is triggered, users can play a small minigame where they have to try to get a red ball into the center of the moving loading rings.
This plugin can be used as a way to entertain users while content is loading behind the scenes.
You can set the duration of the loading animation, the background color, the loading spinner color and the size of the loading spinner.

*Does not work on mobile
For a demo please visit:
Plugin page:

Have a great day!
Noel from Anticode

The idea to entertain users when they have to wait is a great way to improve UX.
But you game is not really self explanative; I had to read your post to understand what to do. The goal should be so obvious that the user will try to get to it without even noticing it (zero brain effort).