New Plugin | Manage all your apps from your phone

Manage all your Bubble apps from your phone.

Download iOS app → ‎Pebbls | Alerts on the App Store

:white_check_mark: Create a custom admin portal without launching your own app

:white_check_mark: Invite your team

:white_check_mark: Trigger push notifications from your app

:white_check_mark: Get alerts such as API errors, server-timeouts, Bubble outages and more

:white_check_mark: Create your own custom alerts

Install the pebbls plugin here → Pebbls - iOS/Android App Plugin | Bubble

Download the IOS app here → ‎Pebbls | Alerts on the App Store

Android coming soon…

This is the initial release so bound to be some bugs so please let me know via email at and I’ll fix them asap.

Looking forward to what the community thinks :slight_smile: