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🆔 [New Plugin] Microblink BlinkID ID Scanner

Build next-generation onboarding experiences with browser-based ID scanning, supporting single- or -dual side scanning, OCR, MRZ, and barcodes.

Our plugin integrates the Microblink BlinkID In-browser SDK, and let you onboard your users quickly and securely, right on your website, or simply extract all data from an ID.

All they need to do is point the document toward the camera or choose its image from the gallery and our AI-driven technology will do the rest.

As always, we’ve committed to protecting sensitive user information. All processing is done inside the browser, in a safe, sandboxed environment.

More information about the possible use-cases here: BlinkID | AI-powered ID scanning in real time - Microblink

Enjoy !
Made with :black_heart: by wise:able
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Will this work with credit cards? (BlinkCard | Real-time credit card scanning - Microblink)

I’d be happy to pay if it did.


Hey @doublejay !

Thanks for your interest in our plugin !
This plugin provides ID scanning, not Credit Card scanning, but more than happy to investigate what can be done for you.
I DM you on this.