🆔 [New Plugin] Microblink BlinkID ID Scanner

Build next-generation onboarding experiences with browser-based ID scanning, supporting single- or -dual side scanning, OCR, MRZ, and barcodes.

Our plugin integrates the Microblink BlinkID In-browser SDK, and let you onboard your users quickly and securely, right on your website, or simply extract all data from an ID.

All they need to do is point the document toward the camera or choose its image from the gallery and our AI-driven technology will do the rest.

As always, we’ve committed to protecting sensitive user information. All processing is done inside the browser, in a safe, sandboxed environment.

More information about the possible use-cases here: AI-powered ID scanning software | Microblink


Enjoy !
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Will this work with credit cards? (BlinkCard | Real-time credit card scanning - Microblink)

I’d be happy to pay if it did.


Hey @doublejay !

Thanks for your interest in our plugin !
This plugin provides ID scanning, not Credit Card scanning, but more than happy to investigate what can be done for you.
I DM you on this.


Is it possible to use this to just scan, non-ID related barcodes and QR codes?


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Our plugin is specialized for IDs only.
If you require such plugin, send us a direct message, we would be happy to do a custom plugin for you.

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I saw You have 2, 3 ID or Card Scan plug ins.
My question: what is the additional cost after the microblink trial period, I cannot find this anywhere.
The same with ID-Document detector…
And another question: What would You recommend?

Hi there!

Microblink pricing is per use-case basis, assessed by Microblink who you can contact here.

This plugin relies on AWS Rekognition technology, as low as $0.001 per image - see Amazon Rekognition – Pricing - AWS.

What is your use-case ? :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks, and anther question: does it all work in wrappers, as I have my project also running on iOS / Play Stores for DL…? I think it should, as its browser based…

Stripe Connect has new rules from July on, to have first - before the first sale - identified sellers who Stripe detected as “additional docs” sellers. In the past, it was OK for those type of sellers to wait until the first PAYOUT from Stripe. Now these sellers cant sell anything - if not provided the ID to Stripe. So I want to integrate a deeper and more forward looking ID Scan & Handle docs directly and preemtive over to Stripe, before managing it all in my workflows of onboarding, and offer up (selling) things fo a new seller on my platform.

And thanks, I did register for a key and asked the sales team via message in Blinkid, Ok, the AWS pricing seems ok for me…haha…;)) can afford that one…

We haven’t heard any complaints so far :slight_smile:. Should you have an issue, let us know!

If you expect a variety of ID types, I would definitely recommend Microblink technology on this, as it would automatically categorise the ID information in a standard and structured fashion.

if you are only expecting a single ID type, Document ID may do the trick as a cheaper option but you would have to manually map the ID fields with the name, DOB and such in your application.

OK, great, think I will go on with one of them, have to think, thank you so much!

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That’s specifically why this OCR in-browser technology exists.

As per Upgrade your UX with ID document scanning for web browsers | Microblink

”We’re also sure users will love the added security and privacy because their personal data will never leave the safety of their device.”

The purpose of this product is to read information on ID documents, which otherwise would have to be entered manually by the user anyway.

This doesn’t solve the privacy-related issue regarding the data itself, however the scanned ID document image never leaves the user’s computer.

Hey Bubblers!

This plugin has been updated to return, when supported:

  • Face image on the ID
  • Signature image on the ID
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Hey guys,

may I ask what the pricing is like without going through the whole microblink sales funnel please?

I’d prefer to use the camera vs a photo … and wondering if it’s worth building out an app or not (will depend on pricing) … thank you,

The plugin features are subject to license granting from Microblink.

Sure, there is an option to allow camera only.

well if pricing is such a big secret, good luck with it all.

Perhaps I have not been clear enough.

I do not have their pricing list which is not public.

Therefore, I would suggest to refer directly to Microblink.