Possible to Integrate ID scanner OCR?

Hi, I just discovered Bubble
I need to build a mobile app which can access the camera and scan ID/passport. It should recognise an ID type and OCR the information into fields / database.
(This App is needed to scan ID’s at hotel check-in and submit to required authorities.)

I understand that Bubble does not have any plugins capable of this, but there are plenty of SDK’s which can accomplish this. eg:

  1. https://accurascan.com/accura-sdk
  2. AI-powered ID scanning software | Microblink
  3. ID Scanning App (mobile and desktop) by Software Smart Engines

Would anyone know the process of how to integrate any of these SDK’s into bubble, and if anyone has any recommendations on which service is the best.


I never worked with camera access or ocr technology, but I know that Google Vision and Amazon Textract are pretty much kings in document recognition and data extraction. They both use OCR and AI.
Using the API, you basically send them pictures of the documents with parameters/specifications and they send back a JSON with the extracted data.

That’s what I read, but again, never worked with it.


We dealt with a similar issue recently in verifying our grant applicants and this plug-in along with its developers were extremely helpful. Does what it says on the tin.

There are a few other plug-ins in their range which might help like testing to see if the person is ‘Live’ The agency is called wise:able. I don’t work for them, I do highly recommend their work.


Hey @thealika, @it1, @julienallard1 !

Please allow us to weigh in here.

Adding the link of the plugin you mentioned for user liveness check, which I think covers your use case @thealika

Extracting information from ID can be performed using either one of these plugins:

Feel free to contact us if you require any assistance or features, we are always happy to help.

Enjoy !
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Here you go :slight_smile:

may I know, How and why using parameters here?

Which service are you interested in @arumizan ? AWS or GCP?