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[NEW PLUGIN] Mollie iDEAL, SEPA Direct Debit, Bancontact, Belfius and more

Having experience with Mollie API, it is also still possible to implement Mollie from scratch using the API connector Plugin am I right?

Sure you can :wink:

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Hi! Kan ik nog wat vragen kwijt hier over deze plugin? Ik kom er niet uit…

Ja hoor, kun je een bericht sturen?

Sorry to hijack this post with another side topic, because I seem to find a few more European / NL co-bubblers here.

Has anybody ever figured out European number formatting, i.e. ‘one half’ being formatted as 0,5 rather than ‘0.5’. Especially when input by the user…?

Can’t find an answer in the rest of the forum… :frowning: , but other people must have had that problem before.

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Does formatting not work? You should format as and select the desired output.

There also is a small Dutch ‘Zonder Code’ Slack channel – which you could join!


This only works if I want to display numbers. If users input numbers then bubble recognizes 0,5 not as a number. Just have found out that I can use ’ convert to number’ as a fix. Quite a pain to do the ‘format as’ and ‘convert to’ throughout the entire app now :frowning:

We are also running into issues when wanting to import CSV data on the back-end, as that all needs to be in 0.5 format as well…

Good one, let me join that one for sure!

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Just import with the required layout. Formatting is also used in regular development.

Slightly related - and because I see Belgian banks in this list: is there any API to allow my app to read bank transactions for Belgian banks?

I can look into it. Will keep you posted by the end of the day on PM.

Updated the plugin with videos explaining how to initialize the API Back-end endpoint and creating our first Payment. We’ll be updating the documentation soon, for now I thought it’s important to release it asap for the plugin owners.

As I was integrating this plugin on a client’s app. Made some critical updates and bug fixes. Some of the changes are outlined below

  • Changed amount value to number instead of text, not a big issue as you can format text to numbers with Bubble, deployed a fix. Might break existing functionality, please check and update your database to be of type number before you store this value.
  • Changed date values to be UNIX dates instead of regular text, useful to store data values.
  • Added calls to allow creating Payments for existing customers by a specific payment method or by all available Payment methods. Useful for organizing payments to specific customers.

Please note: If you find any issues with the data returned. Kindly send an email to [email protected].

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone, so far nobody has reported any issues. Which is a good thing but we try to keep this plugin updates whenever we can!

Updated docs on accepting recurring payments.