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[New plugin] Mouse & Keyboard Interactions (Highly experimental!)

Hmm, is your drageable element a child element? If yes then instead of half of the page width, try half of the parent element’s width.

I experienced the same thing for my app (which is designed for desktop use first) and this fix works for me but it does have some quirks depending on the parent-child layout.

It’s not a bug persay as the offset is very consistent so it’s about figuring out what works for your situation.

The click events don’t seem to work in a reusable group. Anyone else having the same issue or is it just me?

Hi @miri
Just checking if this is still highly experimental or released in a stable capacity?

Hey @lasse

Did you have any joy with getting the ‘Tab’ key to work within the interactions for key press. I’ve tried just about everything, copy/pasting conditions in to try and get the ‘Tab’ in, like you said, if you continue pressing, it will briefly be visible but wont actually save to the expression composer.

A gave up on getting any response from Bubble on this, and I’m now using a plugin called Keystroke Input Trigger. It’s a bit clunky and I hate to rely too much on third party plugins, so I’m pretty much just waiting for Bubble to wake up. Keyboard shortcuts is a pretty essential feature for productivity apps, which is what I’m developing.

Who to tag to have someone look into this again? It’s been an experimental feature for more than 2 years…

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Yeah I didn’t think would be experimental still, but seems the case to be honest - hopefully not an abbonanded project as it has massive potential to expand upon UX interactions and such.

Thanks for the reply though. Will see what happens and maybe use something else rather than the native solution :confused: