[New Plugin] SVG Interactive elements

Hi Bubblers!

I’m excited to share a new plugin I’ve developed for the Bubble community - the SVG Interactive elements. This plugin is designed to enhance your projects by enabling dynamic interactions with SVG elements. It’s a practical solution for those looking to add interactive and visually engaging SVGs to their Bubble applications.

The journey to creating this plugin started when I noticed a gap in easily manipulating SVGs within Bubble. After diving deep into the basics of SVGs and realizing many of us were facing similar challenges, I decided to turn this exploration into a tangible project. The result is a plugin that simplifies the process of creating interactive SVG elements without diving into complex code.

Here’s What the SVG Interaction Elements Offers:

  • Dynamic SVG Manipulation: Easily interact with and animate SVG elements directly within your Bubble app.
  • Logic Customization: While there’s no direct database integration, you can link SVG elements to database entries via IDs. This allows for personalized logic and interactions based on your database.
  • Customization: For now you can customize plugins button but i’ll continue add more features

This plugin is not just about adding pretty SVG animations; it’s about bridging the gap between static images and interactive elements that can engage and inform your users.

Getting Started with the SVG Interaction Toolkit:

I developed this plugin to help fellow Bubblers create more interactive and visually appealing applications. Whether you’re working on an educational platform, a business website, or any project that can benefit from enhanced SVG interaction.

Write to me directly with suggestions and requests for new features, edits or any other feedback
Telegram: @esporykhin
email: esporykhin@gmail.com