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[NEW PLUGIN] Moveable elements

Hellow Bubblers !

I have just created a plugin allows your app users to resize, drag and drop elements as they want on the frontend. It is based on InteractJs library and can be used to drag-enable any element on the front-end e.g. images, files, videos, or any other element on the page. Could be very helpful in building apps like resume builder, page builder, layout builder or form builder.

Demo: Bubble | No-code apps


Have any demo?

Here’s the demo page: Bubble | No-code apps


Awesome plugin! Can I request to enable/disable which sides the resize properties will apply?

For example I only want my users to resize the left and right sides only.

It works the way i want it already :slight_smile: Just need to fix the height of the element. Just a note, the plugin doesn’t read the actual height and width of the element.

I noticed this when I set a max width but the plugin reads the width as how far I dragged the cursor even when the element itself has honored the max width. Just an FYI!

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We are glad it worked @ihsanzainal84. Thanks alot for your feedback, we are going to fix the height/width issue in our next update.

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Nicely done! great plugin, with this I want to build an image cropper.
With your plugin i can drag the “draggable element” outside the parent and it will (slowly) move back into the parent.

  • Is it possible that the draggable element cannot be dragged out of its parent?

When I use the resizeable option the “draggable element” can be scaled outside the parent.

  • is it possible to block this so that it can only scaled within the parent?

Thanks a lot!

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Thank you @jos2 ,

We will be adding the parent restrictions in our next update soon.

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I don’t know if this is still being developed… But I would say that the X,Y coordinates of the draggable element (relative to its parent) would be handy to have. Without the X,Y coordinates, how could anyone save the layouts/positions of items and then load the work again later if saving to the database?