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[NEW PLUGIN] - Photo & Video Gallery

Hi All!

We just launched a new plugin that adds sleek looking photo and video galleries to your app!

:white_check_mark: Simple
:white_check_mark: Sleek
:white_check_mark: Fast

All of the photos & videos are responsive and will play correctly on mobile devices.
Simply pass a list of files (photos or videos) to the ‘media’ property and you’re good to go!

Demo available here :point_right:t4:
View the editor :point_right:t4: photo-video-gallery | Bubble Editor

Does this plugin uses any js package? Also, It automatically adds codes in header, how can we know what is being put in the header? We would like to request if possible to put it in the body instead? So that, pages that doesn’t need this plugin doesn’t have to load the plugin

The show gallery button in the demo isn’t working

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Thanks a lot for the headsup! We just fixed it!

I just asked our dev and the code will be changed so it’s only loaded when the plugin instance is on the page! The package name is: glightbox.

@shu.teopengco We just released a new version to make sure that we only load the package when the gallery is on the page. It’s still in the header but it won’t load the library if the plugin element is not on the page. Hope this helps!

Hi, I just purchased your plugin. I was expecting more documentation on how to use youtube URL’s or video. Where can I located how to use URL’s from youtube?

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Hi @wilfred.leeux9! You’re totally right… I think we forgot to update the documentation on that. Supporting Youtube URLs is part of our other plugin, you can find that here: Responsive & Stylable Video Player Plugin | Bubble

I’ll update the documentation on the gallery right now! Sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll refund your purchase!

Thank you. One last question. Can I host multiply Youtube URL’s in a gallery format with this plugin?

Is it possible to use this with a list of image urls? Or a dynamic url?

Hi @jeffprewitt! Yes!! That’s possible, you can use a list of files as the datasource.

What if I want to use a dynamic url such as and then the second photo would be, and so on?

In my database I have a field that lists the count of photos, for example 10, so I would need the gallery to display the 10 images by dynamically changing the url for each of the 10.

Is that at all possible?

Or would I have to have a text list field that has all 10 urls as part of the list?

Hi @jeffprewitt !
In that case you would need a way to transform the count to a list. You could do this by using the ‘list of numbers’ element from the ‘Toolbox’ plugin. I would use that count as the max number and get the list from that element back. Then, use that list in the photo & video plugin and transform it to the right links. For example: ‘list of numbers’ :format as text → for each item you would make up the link by ‘{this text}’ → use a ; as separator and → split by ; to get the list back.

I hope this works and helps! Let us know if you have any questions!