🚀[NEW PLUGIN] "Unite" Image / Video Gallery

Hello fellow Bubblers!
We have recently published a new plugin and would like to share this news with you:

“Unite” Image / Video Gallery
The Unite Gallery is multipurpose javascript gallery based on jquery library. It’s built with a modular technique for ease of use and customization. The gallery supports displaying images and videos (YouTube videos, HTML5 video (.mp4, .ogv, .webm) and Vimeo video). You can use either a separate gallery with images or with some specific video format, or mixed galleries with images and video together.

The gallery plays VIDEO from: Youtube, Vimeo, HTML5, and Images(not a video but still )

Responsive - fits to every screen with automatic ratio preserve
Touch Enabled - Every gallery parts can be controlled by the touch on touch enabled devices

Responsive - The gallery can fit every screen size, and can respond to a screen size change.

Themable - The gallery has various of themes, each theme has it’s own options and features, but it uses gallery core objects

Zoom Effect - The gallery has unique zoom effect that could be applied within buttons, mouse wheel or pinch gesture on touch - enabled devices

Gallery Buttons - The gallery has buttons on it, like full screen or play/pause that optimized for touch devices access

Keyboard controls - The gallery could be controlled by keyboard (left, right arrows)

Tons of options. The gallery has huge amount of options for every gallery object that make the customization process easy and fun.

For details and demos please visit the plugin page at https://plugin-preview.bubbleapps.io/version-test/unite_img_video_gallery



Plugin page:


If you have questions, reach out to us at contact@mindforapps.com
We appreciate your reviews and suggestions.

Jay | Mindforapps


Hi. Is it possible for

  1. Use the Justified Gallery to layout featured images of my listings?
    E.g. the featured image of a portfolio.
    2.And also show some labels on mouse hover over the image.

2.Only certain labels are shown. Label video / images to open the lightbox. And the label is an additional link (URL opening) - which is defined in the settings.

  1. The images that you transfer to the plugin will be displayed. Images can also be transferred as a list of images. And if your featured portfolio images are JPG or PNG images, they will be displayed.
    Or if I misunderstood you, please clear up the question.

I am looking at a way to display repeating groups in a justified gallery view.
Something like The Newest Photos / 500px

So when my user uploads a portfolio listing, its featured image will automatically be part of a justified gallery view on the frontpage.

If I understood you correctly, then it seems to me that you can do it.
But in the example you gave, there is a so-called lazy loading effect. The plugin will display all the images that you have connected, in contrast to the repeating group, which also has lazy loading.

In any case, to make sure this plugin suits you or not, you need to try how it works.

I created a test application in which I installed the “Unite” Image / Video Gallery and gave full access to its editor.
There you can test how this plugin connects and works.
You can edit and change the application as you see fit. This application will be at your complete disposal for a while. You can try to implement what you wanted in it.

I will be very glad if I can help you.

I sent you the address of the application in your private messages.

Thank you.
Good luck.

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Was looking for something like this, nice plugin. Can I customise the dimensions of the image and video in the gallery?

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Image sizes are adjustable, but different for each type of gallery.

  1. Type “columns”
  • tiles column width.
    We set the column width. And the width of each image is equal to the width of the column. And the height of the images is set proportionally automatically.
  1. Type “justified”
  • tiles justifed row height
    We set the height of the row. And the height of each image is equal to the height of the row. And the width of the images is set proportionally automatically.
  1. Type “nested”
  • tiles nested optimal tile width
    Here we indicate the optimal width, but the real one can be either more or less than the optimal one.
  1. Type “grid”
  • tile width
  • tile height
  1. Type “carousel”
  • tile width
  • tile height

In lightbox, sizes are not adjustable. Well, that’s understandable. In a lightbox, images and videos are automatically adjusted to fit the viewport.

In addition, there is a huge number of settings. You can see them if you go from the demo page to the editor.

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Hi! I bought your plugin, but it doesn’t output thumbnails of videos from YouTube…

Is there any way I can fix this?

We tried to make a universal plugin that will work with different types of data (images and videos: you-tube, vimeo, HTML5).
And the thumbnails are displayed from different sources.

So displaying YouTube thumbnails:
Thumbnails can be displayed from the fields: “Miniature”, “Image”, “posterYoutube”.

  1. If the field “Miniature”, “Image”, “posterYoutube” is not connected or there are no values, then thumbnails provided by YouTube will be taken.
  2. If the “posterYoutube” field is enabled (if there is an image there), then the thumbnails will be taken from this field.
  3. If the “Image” field is enabled, then the thumbnails will be taken from the “Image” field (regardless of the “posterYoutube” field)
  4. If you have a “Miniature” field connected, then regardless of other miniature fields there will be brothers from the “Miniature” field (it has the highest priority)

Thus, if you want to display thumbnails from YouTube you need to leave the “Miniature”, “Image” fields empty and delete the image in the “posterYoutube” field. And of course the “Video” field must be connected.

Sorry, we missed this point in the documentation.

Thank you.
Have a nice day.

thanks for the answer! If I have images and videos from YouTube? I can’t choose to display images and videos from YouTube? I need a combo)


You can of course do this. That’s no problem at all.
Just leave the fields “Miniature” and “Image” empty in the database (in the table that connects to the plugin) in the rows related to You-Tube videos. And clear (remove the image) the “posterYoutube” field at the very bottom of the plugin editor.
And in the lines related to images, fill in the “Miniature” and “Image” fields (or at least one of them).

So I created a simple demo page with the plugin connected.

There are connected two tiles of each type (images, Vimeo and HTML5) + four You-Tube tiles (two take the You-Tube thumbnails - YOUTUBE VIDEO thumbnails, and the other two don’t - YOUTUBE VIDEO).
You can go to the editor and see how everything is connected. Everything is very simple there.

By the way, don’t forget to update the plugin v1.0.1. We have released a new version with minor performance improvements.

If you have any questions, please contact. We will be happy to help you.

Thank you.
Good luck.

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wow, thank you for such a detailed answer with an example! :+1:

New version 1.1.0
Added the ability to watch videos from ipfs.io

Why i get so low resolution on a miniature?
what I do wrong?

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this problem in my application.
I sent you the address of the editor of our test application by mail.
Please enable the plugin in our test application as you have it enabled so that I can see the problem.
And then I can figure out what’s going on.
Thank you.


My videos are on Cloudflare Stream and I get a link with either .m38u or .mpd file. I tried to display the data, but without success. Is it possible that your player cannot display the data mentioned?


As we stated in the plugin description and documentation:
the gallery supports displaying images and videos (YouTube videos, HTML5 video (.mp4, .ogv, .webm) and Vimeo video).
Currently only these formats are supported.


Thank you for the feedback. Yes I read that. Still wanted to make sure. Any chance that you will add support for requested formats? I love the layout. :slight_smile:

@MindForApps I’m trying to subscribe to this plugin. But this problem occurs: “Unexpected server error: please report the code parameter to the team”

Sorry, but we have no control over the plugin purchase/subscription process. All this goes through Bubble. Perhaps this is some temporary glitch.