[New Plugin] Mobile Camera Input

Hi everyone! I have just released a new plugin to allow Mobile devices to upload photos or videos by opening up the device’s native camera app.

You can choose which camera to open, front camera or rear camera, as well as if the app should open in Photo mode or Video mode. Once a photo or video has been taken, the file will be uploaded and available for you to use with other plugins or for your own storage.

A demo of the plugin can be found here:

The demo’s read-only design page can also help in seeing how to use the plugin:

The plugin page can be found here:

If you have any questions, concerns, or feature requests, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

I appreciate any feedback or suggestions!


Tried on my phone and it wouldn’t open the front camera

Front/back option still not working, download still not working but plugin is so promising. It is unclear why there is front/back option since the user has a manual control over his phones camera. On the other hand download option should offer a list of files to preview and/or download.
I am very interested in deploying it. Would use it for sure when the bugs are removed.

Works brilliant on iPhone 11 Pro from your demo. Very exciting.

when used on smaller phones the page is resetted after photo is taken, do you know why should that be?