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[New Plugin] Quick Find Search & Facet Filtering

Hi @hacker,

Exactly, the Facet filtering type is there to easily turn on/off the facet filtering functionality without having to remove all the Facet attribute fields one by one. If the setting is set to filter and all the Facet attribute fields 1, 2, 3, ... are empty it will not make a difference.

As for the bug with color opacities (#292929 with 10% of opacity), I will be fixing this and pushing an update very soon. Bubble has a strange way of working with colors (#HEX,RGB,RGBA) which causes conversion issues depending on the rgba notation.

Cheers and in the meantime of me pushing a new version, feel free to reach out if you have other questions or issues.

Hello @etienneplecy,

Currently this Plugin doesn’t allow for multiple text entry searching. For example, searching english german will return searched similar to the following:

  • my cousin speaks english with her parents and german with her kids
  • english, french, italian, german
  • Tony is german, but his wife is english (with Two way setting enabled).

But won’t return:

  • my cousin speaks english with her parents and italian with her kids
  • english, french, italian, chinese

I can definitely add the feature for multiple text entry searching, but can’t commit to a release date, would probably be 2-3 weeks. As for grouping the searched results, I haven’t tested it thoroughly, but yes you can use :grouped by with the exposed Main data if it’s an object. Also I’m wondering what the use case would be because if the Data source is grouped, the exposed fields would also have to be grouped to get the highlighted fields and this would probably be a challenge using :grouped by,

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions,


Thanks a lot for the feedback. It would be really great if you could implement this multiple text entry searching feature in this potential release date!

My use case would be as follow:
Entry - teacher - Langage - Langage value
1 - Paul - English - 4
1 - Paul - German - 6
2 - Steve - English - 5
2 - Steve - German - 7
3 - Paul - English - 7
3 - Paul - Italian - 8
4 : Mark - Spanish - 8
5 - Anna - English - 7

If my search is “English German” multi text, i would like a result with the following ranking :
1 : Paul (because his ranking is English 4 + German 6 + English 7 =17)
2 : Steve (because his ranking is English 5 + German 7 =12)
3 : Anna (because her ranking is English 7 = 7)

I guess with such multiple text entry searching and “group by” langage value it would work.

Update 1.1.4

  1. Patch fix to improve how colors with opacity values are managed.
  2. Bug fix when Data source is of type Text and the Expose matched fields setting is not checked.

Refresh your editor and Upgrade the Plugin to get updated code

@hacker upgrading the Plugin should solve the color opacity Bug. You can test the update here.

And as always, feel free to reach out if you have other issues.

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Perfect, now it works. Thanks, @fabrice.latour04.

Will it be possible to use your plug-in as a replace of a bubble’s drop down for inside a repeating group?

Mu case is for searching expense types when adding expenses to the system.

Thanks a lot.

Could you elaborate on this? I’m not sure I understand what you wish to achieve.

Many thanks,


I just want to replicate the same functionality as a drop down but searchable inside a repeating group.

The scenario is: por customer is going to create a new expanse line in the repeating group which holds the inputs and a drop down where he can categorize the expense line category which could be “groceries”, “bank commission”, …

Also, does your plug-in have the same functionality as the selectize drop down plug-in?

Hope this time makes sense.

Thanks a lot.

Hello @ryanck,

  1. I’ve made a demo to simulate a dropdown. Is this what you mean by “same functionality as a drop down but searchable inside a repeating group”?
  2. What functionality of the Selectize drop down Plugin are you talking about?

Have a great day,

Hello @fabrice.latour04

Oh ok. So I guess that since those are RG we need to work in the UI so when the user clicks on an element inside the RG the drop down collapses and those kind of things right?

Thanks a ton.

Yes, exactly. This Plugin is not a Dropdown nor a Multiselect Plugin, it is a Search engine. But Bubble is really powerful for designing UI stuff that will replicate the functionalities you’re mentioning.

Let me know if you have other questions,

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