[New Plugin] Radial Bar Chart - Circular Charts, data representation using bars along a circular path

A radial bar chart is a graphical representation of data that displays bars along a circular path, radiating outward from the center. It is visually appealing and well-suited for showcasing proportional relationships among categories. Here are some features commonly associated with a customizable radial bar chart:

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Customizable Size:
Ability to adjust the overall size of the chart to fit specific design requirements or available space.

Responsive Design:
Adaptability to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across various platforms.

Set Bar Categories:
Option to define and assign categories for each bar, allowing users to organize data based on distinct groups or labels.

Bar Values:
Capability to input and display numerical values corresponding to each bar, providing a clear representation of the data points.

Bar Colors:
Customization of colors for individual bars or categories, enhancing visual distinction and aiding in data interpretation.

Label Font Size and Color:
Control over the font size and color of labels associated with each bar, enabling readability and aesthetic consistency.

Inner Radius:
Adjustment of the inner radius, allowing users to control the size of the central empty space or the starting point for the bars.

Start and End Angles:
Specification of the starting and ending angles for the chart, providing flexibility in determining the orientation and span of the bars around the circle.

Animated tooltip that shows the category name and its corresponding value on mouse hover.

Background Customization:
Ability to modify the background of the chart, including color or other visual elements, to complement the overall design or theme.

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