[NEW PLUGIN] Repeating Group Slider

Hello Florian,
Thank you for your interest!

If I understood correctly, you need RepeatingGroup items to be of their natural height (i.e. max-content also known as “Fit height to content”). If that’s the case, set Active Slide Height and Inactive Slide Height to zero in the settings of the corresponding RepeatinGroupCarousel element. But items must have “Fit height to content”…

If this is not what you want, may I ask you to post a screenshot of the problem? My next guess is that the problem might be in the RepeatingGroup’s height, but I don’t quite sure what its height should be if not the same as its tallest item…

Here is the editor to see what I’ve suggested to what I understood is the problem: Repeatinggroupsliderexample | Bubble Editor

That looks like what I was looking for, thanks!
I’ve only worked with a RepeatingGroupSlider and haven’t tried the RepeatinGroupCarousel yet. My first steps with RepeatinGroupCarousel are unfortunately not successful, my repeating group is not shown at all. The repeating group itself is not loaded on page load but I’ve put a condition to set the Container ID of RepeatingGroupCarousel on visibility like I did for the RepeatingGroupSlider before. In addition, I’ve only seen very simple text examples on your RepeatingGroupCarousel pages, my RepeatingGroup elements are more complex.

Any clue why the repeating group could get hidden as soon as I set it’s ID as Container ID in the RepeatingGroupCarousel?

Thanks in advance.

In response to the compexity of setting CSS Selector of RepeatingGroupSlider at right moment, we introduced more flexible technique of setting Element ID in RepeatingGroupCarousel, so when you use this element you don’t need to care about it (i mean you don’t need to set conditions and etc…), as long as your RepeatingGroup’s “This element is visible on page load” is checked. Just set the Element ID, that should be enough.

With regard to your problem, RepeatingGroupCarousel does nothing to hide or show the corresponding RepeatingGroup. There is probably other cause that makes RepeatingGroup invisible. If you could give me an access to your app, I’d be happy to help you figuring this out. Is it possible?

Thanks for the quick response!

Sorry, maybe I didn’t express my case correctly: my RepeatingGroup is not visible on page load.
And it is properly shown but as soon as I set the Container ID in the RepeatingGroupCarousel, it’s not shown anymore. If you want, we can also have a quick Google Meet session.

I DMed my email for Google Meet.
Meanwhile, without knowing the details I could suggest the following:

  1. wrap your RepeatingGroup with a Group container of alignment “Align to parent”, make RepeatingGroup 100% width and 100% height to fil the Group
  2. add RepeatingGroupCarousel with Element ID set into that Group container
  3. Show the Group container instead of the RepeatingGroup when you need it visible.

BTW, just tested setting up Element ID conditionally, it worked in my simple case (news slider on demo page). So the issue is more complex, we’d probably need a GM session to figure it out.

Thanks @vladimir.pak !
I will try the proposed solution and get back to you via DM.

Hi Florian!
In response to your request I’ve added additional choices to Fit to Content option. The two of them are of your interest:

  • LARGEST SMOOTH makes RepeatingGroup to resize smoothly once a new slide comes in or out of the viewport and looks like this:

  • LARGEST INSTANT makes RepeatingGroup to resize instantly once a new slide comes in or out of the viewport looks like this:

Please update the plugin and set Fit to Content field to one of these values.

See it in editor: Your Bubble app (bubbleapps.io)

Very good plugin, something I need. When you watch the demo it works perfectly. when i copy the editor page and paste the exact same thing on my editor page it doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

May I have an access to your app to see all the details?
I will DM my bubble e-mail to you.

Hello, thank you for your answer. I can give you access

Hi All!

I want to notify you about updates we have recently made to the RepeatingGroupCarousel element of the Repeating Group Slider plugin:

  • added decoration options: background, border, shadow, opacity and blur effects;
  • added takeover slide concept, these options can now be specified independently for each type of slides;
  • added support for negative gaps (slides can now overlap).

These changes now make possible additional effects such as raise, fade and swap, that you can see on the same demo page (here is the editor).

If you’ve already bought or subscribed for this plugin and need assistance to take advantage of these effects in your apps, please feel free to ask questions here or by e-mailing to support@codiumgroup.io as we are eager to hear your feedback.

Hi @vladimir.pak

Thank you for you contribution with such a plugin. I am using a RG Carousel element for my RG element. As soon as I activate/input ID Attribute in my RG element, it is not visible anymore, and the debugger is throwing me an error:

I have a thing value already set when Page is loaded and the RG is visible on page load. I put RGCarousel element and RG element in a group container as siblings, and selected SIBLINGS option in the Container Lookup Scope. What could be an issue? Thanks for the support.

Hi, @sainbayar100!
Thank you for your interest in this plugin.
Can you post platform version your app is on?

@vladimir.pak Thanks for the quick response. My app is on version 21 as shown above in your screenshot.

I’ve sent direct message to you regarding this problem.

Hi All!
Good news to plugin users: rotation feature has been added to RepeatingGroupCarousel element. Now flip effect is possible as well as its fancy variations. As usual, examples are on this page (editor, sandbox).

Hi @vladimir.pak

I have implemented the plugin. I use a horizontal repeating group where the width of the cells are different.

When i set the active slide width and inactive slide width to 0 or 1 then i get one cell visible at the time, i need to scroll to see the next one. when i set a fixed width for the active slide width and the inactive slide width, then i see all the other cells (that fits into view), but some elements don’t fit in the cell because they need to be as width as the content inside the cell.

What are the settings so i can view all the cells that fit into view and scroll for the next one and that the cells can have a different in width.

Hi, @jos2
I assume you’re using horizontal sliding. In this configuration fit slide width to content is not yet supported. Fit slide width to content only works for vertical orientation due to performance optimization and some aspects related to takeover slide concept…
I’ll take a look if I can make it working in a way you need and let you know tomorrow.

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Thank you for the reply,

I used the " Product Slider Example" → RepeatingGroupCarousel → effect:slide

It needs to be like that example, but then with a different cell width. Hope you can make it working :slight_smile:

Hi @jos2 !
Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this issue, but it is possible in general. I’m going to do some optimizations next week and will add this functionality as part of it, but it will take some time. ETA is next Thursday. Sorry for this inconvenience.

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