Looking for the right slider

Working on slideshows for various pages. I want to cycle through groups of content in the slider, not just an image.

Testing elements slider which is working to a degree. Working to get the content to display as I want, been learning the settings. Also, currently limited to 4 items. Upgraded version allows autoplay.

Still looking around at options. Are there any others?
I searched in the plugins tab, but mostly they related to cycling through images.


We recently released a plugin:
Advanced Slider from RepeatingGroup

The plugin converts a repeating group into a slider. Well, in a repeating group, you can put anything, not just images. Those. you get a slider that has almost all the benefits of a repeating group plus a lot of slider functionality.

The only thing is that there is no cycle in the full sense, but there is a rewind function that, after viewing the last slide, moves the set of slides to the first slide.

Here is a demo:

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That plugin looks like an outstanding solution!
Thank you for posting.

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