[NEW PLUGIN] Responsive & Stylable Video Player

Hi Everyone!
We just released another great plugin! A responsive and stylable video player. It has a ton of options for player controls, fonts and styles. It’s also really flexible and controllable, it supports HTML5, Youtube, Vimeo & HLS input.

:white_check_mark: Extremely Stylable
:white_check_mark: Responsive
:white_check_mark: Flexible & Controllable

:point_right: Get the plugin here!
:point_right: View the demo here!


Nice, this is looking very promising!


The plugin looks really promising. I cannot find where and how to insert captions to the video. Could you help me out with some instructions?

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Hey @d.ischebeck !
It’s supposed to be working directly with the source of the video but I just gave it a test and I’m not sure if it’s working correctly.

We’ll give it a look and come back to you ASAP on this!

Hi @d.ischebeck
It’s supposed to work with HTML5 videos but it’s currently experiencing some bugs. I put it on our roadmap to make sure it won’t get lost but I’m not sure how fast it will be solved. There are not a lot of users that really need captions so I’m not sure if we can pick this up soon.

Hi @minimumstudio, thanks for checking but the plugin is not usable for my purpose without captions…

Hey @minimumstudio,

Great plugin, works well but I think there may be a bug with the poster feature as any image I’m passing through doesn’t show up, with the player instead just showing a black screen before the user presses play. Do you mind taking a look?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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After having a look in the Element Inspector, it seems that the poster field is currently being set as ‘data-poster’ rather than just ‘poster’ on the video element. Changing it to ‘poster’ seems to fix the issue, but obviously not permanently. I’ve attached screenshots below to explain what I mean.

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Finally a decent video player plugin!

Working well though having a few errors pop up, outlined below. Any idea how to solve this? I’ve got 4 video elements on the page, with actions to play the videos on hover and pause them when not hovered.

The plugin Responsive & Stylable Video Player / action Pause a Video Player threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘pause’)
at eval (PLUGIN_1648465458261x910336649799925800/Responsive—Stylable-Video-Player-element_action–Video-Player-Pause-.js:5:9)
at https://sosquared.com/package/run_debug_js/9d87a44008f74af7040a2ecc9e0146767c2f3c57e5076ab747f28f4a38b2c53f/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:219:673 (please report this to the plugin author)


Hi, theres a bug - i cant let the user chage video quality (HLS Video)
cant see it in video settings @minimumstudio

Please help with this :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reporting this bug! We’ll take a look at it ASAP!

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is there a way to get the player to start at a specific time? lets say i want it to begin at 5 seconds instead of the 0.