[NEW PLUGIN] Responsive & Stylable Video Player

Hi Everyone!
We just released another great plugin! A responsive and stylable video player. It has a ton of options for player controls, fonts and styles. It’s also really flexible and controllable, it supports HTML5, Youtube, Vimeo & HLS input.

:white_check_mark: Extremely Stylable
:white_check_mark: Responsive
:white_check_mark: Flexible & Controllable

:point_right: Get the plugin here!
:point_right: View the demo here!


Nice, this is looking very promising!


The plugin looks really promising. I cannot find where and how to insert captions to the video. Could you help me out with some instructions?

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Hey @d.ischebeck !
It’s supposed to be working directly with the source of the video but I just gave it a test and I’m not sure if it’s working correctly.

We’ll give it a look and come back to you ASAP on this!

Hi @d.ischebeck
It’s supposed to work with HTML5 videos but it’s currently experiencing some bugs. I put it on our roadmap to make sure it won’t get lost but I’m not sure how fast it will be solved. There are not a lot of users that really need captions so I’m not sure if we can pick this up soon.

Hi @minimumstudio, thanks for checking but the plugin is not usable for my purpose without captions…

Hey @minimumstudio,

Great plugin, works well but I think there may be a bug with the poster feature as any image I’m passing through doesn’t show up, with the player instead just showing a black screen before the user presses play. Do you mind taking a look?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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After having a look in the Element Inspector, it seems that the poster field is currently being set as ‘data-poster’ rather than just ‘poster’ on the video element. Changing it to ‘poster’ seems to fix the issue, but obviously not permanently. I’ve attached screenshots below to explain what I mean.

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Finally a decent video player plugin!

Working well though having a few errors pop up, outlined below. Any idea how to solve this? I’ve got 4 video elements on the page, with actions to play the videos on hover and pause them when not hovered.

The plugin Responsive & Stylable Video Player / action Pause a Video Player threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘pause’)
at eval (PLUGIN_1648465458261x910336649799925800/Responsive—Stylable-Video-Player-element_action–Video-Player-Pause-.js:5:9)
at https://sosquared.com/package/run_debug_js/9d87a44008f74af7040a2ecc9e0146767c2f3c57e5076ab747f28f4a38b2c53f/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:219:673 (please report this to the plugin author)


Hi, theres a bug - i cant let the user chage video quality (HLS Video)
cant see it in video settings @minimumstudio

Please help with this :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reporting this bug! We’ll take a look at it ASAP!

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is there a way to get the player to start at a specific time? lets say i want it to begin at 5 seconds instead of the 0.

Great plugin. Thanks for this!

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Hi - is this plugin still being maintained, and when playing HLS, can i manually request a quality, or is that automatically decided for me?

Hello there!
Yes we’re actively maintaining this plugin!
About the Quality, you can enable in the settings the quality controls.
Otherwise it will be automatically chosen for you.

Let us know if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

Hey Guys, having some issues with Fullscreen in our wrapped app. Enter/Exit/Toggle fullscreen have stopped working on iOS devices. Working on Android and Browsers (tested Safari and Chrome). Just not in the app on iOS. Anything we can do?

All the best :slight_smile:

Actually, to add to this, the first time the video is Fullscreen’d in Chrome, there’s no video (just audio). Exiting and re-entering Fullscreen gives you video and audio.

So iOS - broken, Chrome - semi-broken, Safari - all good, Android - all good.

Hello there!
thanks for the feedback, we’ve generated a report and will check this out!

Thanks for the quick reply, we worked out what the problem was, player was in an align-to-parent group with another group on top of it to generate a gradient effect, apple didn’t like this an blocked the fullscreen. Just had to swap the group for a shape :slightly_smiling_face:

While i’ve got you though! When the user closes the app while playing video, the native iOS video/audio playback control widget is blank, i feel like this is something we’ll have to control in the video’s metadata in AWS, but it would be awesome if there was a way to control it in the plugin. :grin:

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Great to hear you solved it! So many weird ways to break things right?

about the playback control widget, would you send us a screenshot of what you mean? We will look into it, maybe it’s quite simple for us to implement

Once again, thanks for using our plugin and your feedback!