[New Plugin] Sendinblue Contacts

Ey up Bubblers,

I’ve just released a simple API plugin for the Sendinblue email marketing platform. For some reason there wasn’t already a plugin to add contacts to email lists on Sendinblue.

I know most people on here probably use MailChimp for their email platform but Sendinblue is a cost effective alternative, especially for people sending out less emails as MailChimp charges per email contact but Sendinblue allows unlimited contacts and charges by emails sent.

This plugin makes it easy to add users to your lists and also offers the ability to:

  • Retrieve all email lists / contacts
  • Retrieve info for a specific email contact
  • Create, subscribe and unsubscribe contacts
  • Amend contact information (including first name / surname)
  • Add / remove a contact from selected email lists
  • Delete contacts

You just need to create an account @ sendinblue.com, retrieve your API Key from the SMTP & API section of the site, then install the plugin and add the API Key to the plugin settings.

The plugin page can be viewed @ https://bubble.io/plugin/sendinblue-contacts-1592819039946x828679145915154400

Hope it helps, and please do let me know what you think and if there is anything you think I should add.

Stuart B

(ps. I am not affiliated in any way with Sendinblue!)


Well done! Sendinblue is great. I recently went through the API doc v3 and used the bubble connector to manually push an email to a list but this is big time saver with lots more options.

Thanks, I’m glad it can be of some use! To be honest I haven’t actually used Sendinblue yet, just a client has mentioned that they may be moving away from MailChimp due to the cost and I suggested this as an alternative.

Afterwards I decided it may be an idea to check if it could be integrated into Bubble easily enough! Thankfully the API is quite good, but as there wasn’t a plugin in Bubble to create contacts I just thought I’d create it in case it was needed (by anyone).

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Hi @talkingoldfish :grinning:
Thank you for creating such a useful tool for us! I have recently started using Sendinblue and found your plugin, it is a big time saver indeed. Question for you, as I have different contact attributes in Sendinblue, I wonder if there is a way to update or change the default attributes in the plugin?

For example, I would like to have just one attribute-- “NAME” instead of first name and surname, also would like to add other custom attributes such as location, ID, etc.

Looking forward for your response!

Hi, glad it helps you out a bit :grinning:

I’ve just added a new update (v1.1.1) which has an API call that allows you to create / update a contact whilst populating any fields that you specify.

Eg. if you wanted to update the contact’s (john.doe@example.com) NAME (text field), ID (assuming number field) and LOCATION (text field) then you would use the ‘Create and update contact WITH CUSTOM ATTRIBUTES’ call with the below Body JSON data:
“email”: “john.doe@example.com”,
“attributes” : {
“NAME”: “John Doe”
“ID”: 493824,
“LOCATION”: “United Kingdom”
“updateEnabled”: true

Any issues just give me a shout.


Hi @talkingoldfish :partying_face:

I just updated your plugin to (v1.1.1) and followed your JSON data set up, it worked out perfectly. You saved me a big headache and time from updating them manually since not only I had attributes for sign up but also newsletters (form created on Sendinblue such as opt in). I can’t appreciate enough for your help and the time you put in to create and update the plugin!

Also just found out that Sendinblue system matches the new imports and attributes to the contacts that are already in the account so it does not import duplicates. I am loving it.

*For anyone that’s considering which email marketing service to use, sendinblue is a great option, still a newbie but have been very impressed with their customer support, replied with efficiency and detailed guidelines even with video instructions.
(Not affiliated with Sendinblue)

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Hello, thank you so much for creating this plugin. I installed it and tried to use the 'Create and update contact WITH CUSTOM ATTRIBUTES’ call with the following Body JSON data.Capture d’écran 2020-09-02 à 17.18.19

When I’m running the workflow, I end up having the following “Error 400” an error message.Capture d’écran 2020-09-02 à 17.20.32

Any idea what I might have done wrong? Thanks! Lucie!

Hi Lucie,

Yes it looks like this could be because of the speech marks " after the “NOM” line are not straight after Input Last Name’s value, try creating it like below:


I have just tested this as working so this should work for you.

Any issues let me know!

Stuart B

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Thank you for your quick reply. It works perfectly now. Thank you! :+1:

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Yeah, sendinblue is really not permissive in terms of json syntax!

Hey! Thanks for such a great tool!

I am launching a pre-launch wait list and I am trying to use your plugin it to add the emails that sign up to my list of contacts in SendinBlue.

I am creating an automation in SendinBlue because I want people to receive a Welcome email automatically as soon as they are added to the contact list with your plugin.

I have created a template for the welcome email, the problem is that I need to add some custom links to the template using dynamic variables, for example: “WELCOME NEW USER, CLICK HERE TO CHECK YOUR PERSONAL PAGE” (this HERE is a custom link that should take the user to [[link1]] which is a dynamic variable that is calculated in Bubble, it is not a value stored in SendinBlue).

I did this succesfully with the Sendgrid plugin but I am leaving Sendgrid because Outlook and Hotmail are blocking my emails (they dont even go to the spam folder).

Any ideas on how can I do this with SendinBlue and your plugin? PLEASE, MY WELCOME EMAILS ARE BROKEN RIGHT NOW :pray:

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Hi, no probs, glad it helps (or will help!)

Yes, this is something you could do with a combination of my plugin and the free ‘Sendinblue SMTP’ plugin developed by Zeroqode.

You would add a workflow with actions to create the contact using my plugin and then, once created, send an email to the new contact’s email address using the Zeroqode plugin.

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thank you!

I was wondering… if I am using the “Create and update contact WITH CUSTOM ATTRIBUTES” how/where should I indicate which is the ID of the list where I want the contacts to be added? @talkingoldfish


Anybody knows if I am using the “Create and update contact WITH CUSTOM ATTRIBUTES” how/where should I indicate which is the ID of the list of contacts in SendinBlue where I want the contacts to be added? @lucie @emmawu1021

Any help would be appreciated,



Hello Francisco,

I tried a few things and I think I found an acceptable solution for you.

You’ll need to create 2 steps:

  • Create a first step with "Create and update contact WITH CUSTOM ATTRIBUTES”
    → in this step, put all your attributes - cf screenshot “step 1” below

  • Create a second step with “Create and update contact”
    → in this step, only put the email and your list ID - cf screenshot “step 2” below

You should see that your contact is created (and there is no duplicate) with the right attributes and is registered to the right list.

Note that before I found this solution I tried to only use “Create and update contact WITH CUSTOM ATTRIBUTES” but didn’t succeed to make it work.

Feel free to reach out again if needed :slight_smile:




@lucie wow! It worked, nice work around Lucie! Thanks, you are very kind!

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Thanks for the very creative tip, Lucie.

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

And of course thanks to @talkingoldfish who created this awesome plugin to begin with!

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You’re welcome, glad it helped! :slight_smile:


Is there a way to remove a contact from a list, for example if they decide to unsubscribe through our app?

I have different list for different purposes. For example, I have a list

  1. All User
  2. Subscribed User
  3. Subscribed Sellers

Now, if a user decides to unsubscribe, I want to remove him from the Subscribed Users list but keep him in the All User’s list in case I need to send an important email such as updated Terms and Conditions.

How can I achieve this?

Thank you,


Hi @lucie,

I have different lists:
1- Subscribed Users
2- Subscribed Sellers
3- All Users (people who don’t subscribe)

I tried your solution to add a user in different lists but I keep getting “John Doe” in as first name and last name in both lists (all users and subscribed users) even though I put the user’s name in the Create and update contact WITH CUSTOM ATTRIBUTES action in both Lists.

Would you know why?

Thank you,