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[New Plugin] Sendinblue Contacts

Ey up Bubblers,

I’ve just released a simple API plugin for the Sendinblue email marketing platform. For some reason there wasn’t already a plugin to add contacts to email lists on Sendinblue.

I know most people on here probably use MailChimp for their email platform but Sendinblue is a cost effective alternative, especially for people sending out less emails as MailChimp charges per email contact but Sendinblue allows unlimited contacts and charges by emails sent.

This plugin makes it easy to add users to your lists and also offers the ability to:

  • Retrieve all email lists / contacts
  • Retrieve info for a specific email contact
  • Create, subscribe and unsubscribe contacts
  • Amend contact information (including first name / surname)
  • Add / remove a contact from selected email lists
  • Delete contacts

You just need to create an account @, retrieve your API Key from the SMTP & API section of the site, then install the plugin and add the API Key to the plugin settings.

The plugin page can be viewed @

Hope it helps, and please do let me know what you think and if there is anything you think I should add.

Stuart B

(ps. I am not affiliated in any way with Sendinblue!)


Well done! Sendinblue is great. I recently went through the API doc v3 and used the bubble connector to manually push an email to a list but this is big time saver with lots more options.

Thanks, I’m glad it can be of some use! To be honest I haven’t actually used Sendinblue yet, just a client has mentioned that they may be moving away from MailChimp due to the cost and I suggested this as an alternative.

Afterwards I decided it may be an idea to check if it could be integrated into Bubble easily enough! Thankfully the API is quite good, but as there wasn’t a plugin in Bubble to create contacts I just thought I’d create it in case it was needed (by anyone).