Sendinblue confusion

Was hoping someone could clear up some stuff about Sendinblue.
Posting here before I spend hours on trying to set this up.

In short, how does this work. Do I create a template on and in bubble I
set up a regular send email workflow, but referencing the Sendinblue template?
On I tell the template to use information from bubble?


There are two different Zerocode plugins in the plugin page, which one to use, and what’s the difference?.

On Zerocode, there’s only one plugin available when you search. But you can still access the non smtp plug in, but the page has no information on it.

There’s a couple of threads over on Zerocode about Sendinblue, one has a bunch of gibberish and the other is linking to a bubble thread regarding a non Zerocode plugin.

One thread on the bubble forum mentions to use another party for template design? so, I am not able to use a template built on after all?

Haven’t been able to find any guides or videos for how this integration works, apart form setting up the api keys.


Hi @casheets123

Never use any Sendinblue plugin, but if you can send email or sms via Postman, you can copy the info inside the new Bubble API interface called ‘manually enter API response’ in API Connector plugin and make your own.

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Still confused by this whole thing but, in case someone else is as well.

I found a thread by (which isn’t a legit URL) It would seem that this is
the plugin from Zerocode. Maybe Zerocode bought this plugin and the other one is now obsolete but not removed from the plugin store? I’m sure there’s a good story here :slight_smile:

Maybe one day the bubble team will have the resources to do some active QC on the
plugin front. But till then, we’re left with a bit of a messy patchwork I guess :frowning:

Hi @JohnMark

Is there any reason for saying not to use any Sendinblue plugin from zerocode? Is there any issue behind that?

Hi @gbruklin,

read as " I never use… ". :sweat_smile:


Lol :joy: I was a bit shocked. I am using that plugin in my project. Thanks for immediate reply.

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