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[New plugin] Simple Signature Pad / Sketchpad

Hi all,

I have published a new plugin that lets you add a sketchpad to your application. This is great to collect signatures for example. This plugin supports ‘Undo’, ‘Redo’ and ‘Clear’ workflow actions.

:arrow_right: Demo page (editor is public!):
:arrow_right: Plugin page:

Sketchpad demo

You can always reach out to me for questions, bug reports or feature requests!


Is there provision to add an image and save drawing on image too?

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Hi @solinz! The current version of the plugin doesn’t support a feature like that, but I will take a look if I can implement it in future updates! :slight_smile:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Thimo Really great plugin. Just subscribed.

But unfortunately it’s almost unusable at this moment due to the png file quality it saves. It practically takes a ‘screen shot’ of the sketchpad input area, so the file is super small… especially if user didn’t take all available space. (which we should not expect them to)

Would be great if it auto crops to contain only the strokes and then generate a much higher quality 300dpi png (one that allows printing).


Thanks for the feedback! I will try if I can improve the image quality the coming days for you :slight_smile:

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hey @Thimo! Same feedback as the above - any chance you’ll be updating to auto-crop and increase quality?


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Hi @joe5, this image quality is proportional to the size of the sketchpad. I have tried to up this quality in the past but didn’t get the result I wanted. I will take a look again to see if I can improve this for you!

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Hi @Thimo,
I’m creating a e-Signature feature with this plugin and the PDF conjurer plugin.
Sketchpad A’s Image (PNG )refers to a base64 file and I would need a png file.
Is there a trick I am not aware of?
Or could you add a function to save the file as a .jpeg or .png image please ?
Thanks in advance !

@Bohemond I have pushed an update (1.2.0) that lets you create a PNG URL using a workflow action. When this workflow is run, the creation of the PNG URL is started and when this URL is ready the ‘PNG URL Is Created’ event will be triggered. The PNG URL is accessible as an element state: Sketchpad’s Decoded PNG URL.

I have updated the demo page so you can see it in action:


Thank you for the quick update, this works very well!

Loving this.

I have the following workflows working on android but not on ios. Any ideas?

Hi @timzafir

At the end of the workflow you redirect (‘go to page participant’) away from the page. It could be that the URL isn’t ready yet when this happens. You could move the redirect to the ‘URL is created workflow event’ so you only get redirected after the URL is created. Hopefully this helps!


Yes Thimo. This nailed it!

Hi @Thimo, thanks for making this plugin. When the sketchpad is not square, it still makes a square image. Could it be made to match the sketchpad dimensions?

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Hello @Thimo

I bought this plugin about an hour ago because it looked like a great plugin. Simple to set up. These captured signatures will go into a document that gets printed. Unfortunately the image quality isn’t good enough for that. Also, the image size prevents it from being used in this manner.

Do you have any plans to improve the image quality and size?