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Paint & Signature Pad - New Plugin from Zeroqode

With this brand new graphic editor you can let your users draw their own pictures directly in a bubble application. Use different colors, brushes and other tools that will enable your users create their own graphic or sign a document.

Setting it up is simple. Simply place it on a page, enable the functions that you really need and let your users do the rest.

Existing images can be uploaded from desktop, or added by dragging from any page.
As a result plugin returns an image that be saved into database or downloaded to the user.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit Zeroqode Plugin Page.

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Hi @levon
I just bought this plugin - and am not able to save the image from the paint pad to the database. I tried the exact same thing as in the example - but it still does not work. It looks like the example is with a test plugin and not the production.

Also - it is not clear what happens when you do a “Get image Paint&SignaturePadA”.
I would like to store this image as part of custom data type that I have created - and could not find a way to access the image. I need the actual image and not the URL.

Could you please help?

Hi @ramkhi is there any update on this? I’m looking into paint options.


Here is the message from the Zeroquode support that helped resolve this:

"Both (Testing) and “production” which is the Commercial versions are the same. No difference in code.

The saving is done by using the Paint and Signature’s output is ready event which will get you a image type result for you to save into database.
The Get Image Paint and SignaturePad action works to save the output result while the upload to server is checked.

The state Output Image URL is an actual image, though this may seem confusing I understand.


Please do check the demo setup -

@levon Is it possible to hide the tools to make for a cleaner signature experience?

@timzafir, I’m afraid that would be possible but would require additional modifications, but currently it’s not on our priority list.